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Denying death as a society

by Kyrshamarks - Now mind you this is not directed at the injured or the ones that are just acutely ill. The tear in the eye, the holding of a hand. The cry to fight harder, live longer. These are the scenes I...

Sure to Get Flamed for This

by Kyrshamarks - I am sure I am about to get flamed for posting this, but I feel the need to anyways. I have been seeing these threads talking about bullying and teachers or preceptors hating the students, and new...

Nurses eating their young... a different perspective

by Kyrshamarks - Nurses eat their young. It happens and people complain about it like it is a bad thing. It may be in your eyes if you are the one being eaten, but in my eyes I am going to eat you alive and spit...

Used Nursing To Start My Business

by Kyrshamarks - Now you are asking what kind of legal business could he be in that makes that kind of money? Well let me tell you. I am in the business of death. I clean death and crime scenes. It seems kind of...