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Denying death as a society

Now mind you this is not directed at the injured or the ones that are just acutely ill. The tear in the eye, the holding of a hand. The cry to fight harder, live longer. These are the scenes I see every day as an ICU nurse. I can understand these thoughts and even empathize with them in wanting loved ones to live longer and to fight harder, but often these muttered words are for patients that we are denying death to. The 94 year old lady with multiple bedsores who has dementia and a... Read More →

Nurses eating their young... a different perspective

Nurses eat their young. It happens and people complain about it like it is a bad thing. It may be in your eyes if you are the one being eaten, but in my eyes I am going to eat you alive and spit out your bones into something that resembles a nurse. You are entering the cauldron of fire, so expect to get singed. That above statement is already setting some of you on edge. I understand that and I accept that. I felt the same way at first, but as the years have passed by I have learned why... Read More →

Sure to Get Flamed for This

I am sure I am about to get flamed for posting this, but I feel the need to anyways. I have been seeing these threads talking about bullying and teachers or preceptors hating the students, and new nurses or abusing them because of some perceived slight or injustice. Well guess what? The world is a hard cold nasty place that does not need to be polite to you or worry whether your feelings got hurt and you feel offended. You need to grow up and realize that the abuse that you claim is... Read More →

Used Nursing To Start My Business

Now you are asking what kind of legal business could he be in that makes that kind of money? Well let me tell you. I am in the business of death. I clean death and crime scenes. It seems kind of strange and surreal for me right now being in this business. It seems I have spent my whole life working with death. In my 20's and early 30's I was a Special Forces Soldier. In that time frame i was the cause of death. Then when I got out of the service and became a nurse I spent my time helping people... Read More →

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