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  • Sep 12 '15

    PLEASE, before this thread gets much bigger, PLEASE use the Search feature up above. It's just below the yellow bar, up on the upper right hand corner. Type in "visible tattoos" and hit the blue Search button, and you will have more opinions than you ever thought possible, needed, or wanted. This is a very common topic on AN. And we won't have to read it all over again.

  • Sep 12 '15

    Quote from WKShadowRN
    Dogen sleighs me.
    I'm just trying to get by in this no holes barred, doggy dog world, you know? I'm glad these posts about fragrant errors have peaked your interest. It's a bit of a blessing in the skies that we can extract revenge by laughing about it now.

  • Sep 12 '15

    Obtain a year of acute care hospital experience in Arkansas before attempting to relocate to southern CA. Without this year of experience, nothing is setting you apart from the rest of the inexperienced herd. Good luck to you.

  • Sep 12 '15

    Quote from 2k15NurseExtern4u
    It's Farawyn. I doubt she meant harm by it.

  • Sep 12 '15
  • Sep 12 '15

    What a douchbag killing his young kids and wife. I will no longer be on this site I can not and will not support losers. Peace to the wife and children. Rot in hell to the loser

  • Aug 13 '15

    Quote from rickbrown23
    4. $186 for Texas to "endorse" my Wisconsin license. [7.29 hours of work]
    Congrats on your new job! You clearly have an aptitude for documentation - I'm sure your new employer will appreciate that about you. I mean, 7.29 hours! Your attention to detail is impressive to say the least.

    Will you be following up with a detailed account of relocation expenses and the moving industry cartel?

  • Aug 13 '15
  • Aug 13 '15

    I know, let's not communicate at all with one another! Fantastic idea, just think of all the time we will save! Can't possibly see any problems with that affecting patient care/safety!

    Are you feeling the irony?

  • Aug 8 '15

    Scrap your plan and marry well. With more money comes more stress. In any occupation.

    Quote from celtickimba
    Please state what you know about 6 figure nursing specialties that are the least stressful

    Midwife? Cardiac certification? Ect.

  • Aug 8 '15

    Quote from mmc51264
    Informatics. I know the state that I live in is looking for a state insurance informatics nurse and it pays 6 figures. Not sure how much stress is involved, I am getting ready to find out. Starting a program in Jan.
    Rumor has it that eventually it will be a 6 figure specialty field.
    Most informatics jobs require an MSN plus experience. OP is a new grad LVN

  • Aug 8 '15

    Quote from twinmommy+2
    There has been an unprecedented low amount of flaming on this question compared to what I thought there would be. I'm still waiting for the OP to say what stresses they don't want on their job.
    Most likely because we all feel our collective leg bring pulled, and realize that getting upset over something this silly isn't worth it.

    I checked OP's post history, and she seems obsessed with finding a dream job that doesn't actually entail doing any work. Poor child is going to have a rough road ahead of her, I'm afraid.

  • Aug 8 '15

    You're an LPN/LVN. Do some research.

  • Aug 8 '15

    Private duty nurse for a lonely elderly millionaire who has certain types of problems requiring the applicant to be very skilled in massages. However, other job requirements might include having a boob job prior to hire and maintaining a size 0 pant size, so this job could indeed be very stressful if you are averse to going under the knife or eating an extreme low calorie diet.

  • Aug 8 '15

    Bwahahaha this is one of the funniest things I've read here.

    Oh, wait...I just noticed this isn't in the Humor in Nursing section.

    Been an RN for almost 40 years, sorry, got nothing for ya.