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    Quote from poppyflower
    thanks for your reply, but you didnt answer my question. Put simply, i am asking whether you can get a promotion from band 5 to 6 in the same department without having to apply, and go through an interview for it as level of education and skill increases.
    Unless you were appointed on a trainee contract which specifically states promotion will be gained after successful completion of ........... then no, you should go through a fair and transparent interview process.

    I do agree with Grumpy, and Having managed a pre-assessment unit I am surprised this practice of automatic promotion was allowed at all. Although you have different skills to some other specialities I would not classify pre-assessment as a specialist role, there are clear guidelines and protocols to work within and your assessments will be generalist assessment for fitness for anaesthetic rather than complex diagnostics.

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    Quote from onedream
    Hi skylark,
    I have read the instruction, the confirmer does not need to be NMC pin holder but you still need the NMC Pin to pass the question on 5 reflective account which will ask you to put their NMC pin and whether you have done it with NMC nurse or midwife. Without this, you cannot proceed to revalidation. Please correct me if i am still wrong. Thanks
    Have you had a reflective discussion with a UK registered nurse, if so then they should be able to give you their PIN if not then you need to have that reflective discussion.

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    Cost of living in London is very high, if you are looking for the cheaper option Hertfordshire would be it.

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    I'm not sure Grumpy is harassing your posts but merely pointing out some polite etiquette.

    It may be helpful if you share with us a little of your background, where you are working, why you need a preceptor.

    Your unlikely to get any takers with your first request. I would want more information in order to see what support you need.

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    We have done loads of work in reducing pressure damage using a quality improvement methodology and increasing scrutiny of every incidence of damage. We have a panel including a senior nurse, medic, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and members of the nursing team responsible for providing the care. We look at documentation, appropriately implemented plan of care to determine if the damage is avoidable this is then followed up with an action plan and education.

    We have reduced our damage from over 30 incidence in the first year to just 4 this year for the whole hospital (three years on) we focused on changing culture and reinforcing that we were causing harm to our patients.

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    Quote from kismetRN
    just an update..i passed the interview and got an offer under Royal Marsden! yey! they asked about what I know about cancer, how to show compassion,1 clinical scenario and infection control.
    again,thank u guys for ur help! dis site has always been wonderful and my fave for almost any nurse-related queries because of YOU supportive ppol!

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    Quote from Jazmina
    So a quick update
    I am still suspended , they say they are still investigating and are now saying it was 2 patients that their evidence is based on because they were the only ones willing to give a statement saying they can't remember their observations being taken.i have in the meantime got a union rep and an employment lawyer on stand by .It's been so mentally stressful on me I have been going to my go for sleeping tablets etc..previous to this I was a very positive and outgoing person. I am just waiting in limbo at the moment .
    Ok so with 2 patients saying the same thing they have to investigate, it would be neglectful not too. As I've said previously I'm not sure it's worth wasting money on a solicitor yet let your union do their job.

    They should be able to interrogate the obs machine, you can ask when your interviewed, and you said there were other staff on duty who will be witness to your account of events.

    Does your trust have a well-being service, if so book an appointment and go and talk to them.

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    Quote from spacemonkey15
    It's a bit odd that this allegation has been dealt with in this manner, with HR jumping straight to suspension. I'd expect someone to be spoken to by their manager in the first instance in a situation like this as part of the immediate investigation. Not to call someone in when they're off duty to suspend them, without their manager even present. To me, this sounds like normal policy hasn't even been followed.

    Are you an NHS employee OP?
    I've seen it happen in the NHS, its not usual but will depend on what the allegations are, and to suspend they must (should) be serious.

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    Quote from Jazmina
    Yes ,the other bank nurse and the hca working alongside should have no problem verifying what I did.
    Then you will have nothing to worry about.

    The observation machines will also provide evidence as most have memories so will validate any observations that were recorded.

    Providing there is nothing else we may not be aware of stick with it. Handing in your notice will not stop the investigation and any reference will state you are subject to investigation so you have nothing to gain by leaving.

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    Quote from Jazmina
    The observations are normally recorded electronically however on the day they didn't have charged ipads to record the information on .This was also my first night shift working alongside a bank staff member.I have not yet had the letter stating what the investigation is about I have just had an interview then suspended whilst they investigate.The patient was not scoring or poorly .The patient was due for discharge the next morning .During the shift ibhave had no issues with any of my patients or the bank nurse.I was able to handover in the morning then two hours later after going home that's when I was called back in for an interview. That's all I know at the moment.
    Providing the bank nurse can verify what you say you should have no problem.

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    I can understand the manager talking to them about this but if you read their post again they say they was called in my HR and spoken to without the manager present. That is what I think is odd. I would have thought manager would be first port of call in something like this? I was when I worked in the UK
    It'll depend on the manager and allegations.

    In my previous managerial role I would have had the conversation myself but a less confident manager would have HR to ensure employee rights and proper process is followed. In the UK HR is there as an impartial participant to protect the employee.

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    Its very unusual to be suspended unless there is serious concerns.

    Employee rights in the UK are very well protected so if you have done no wrong you have nothing to worry about. You don't need an employment lawyer at this stage you'll be wasting your money, if you do the RCN will appoint one for you. As far as the NMC go it will depend on the outcome of the investigation if a referral is felt appropriate.

    I suspect there is more to this than what we have on face value.

    Could I ask if you have electronic observation recording why you didn't record the obs immediately, was the patient scoring on early warning score? There just seems to be information not quite adding up as the actions taken seem to be out if context to what we have been given.

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    Take a deep breath.

    It is not unusual to have that initial discussion with your manager without union representation, it is a fact finding process to see if there is any foundation to what has been alleged.

    Suspension is usually last resort, you may be asked to work supervised unless there is a real concern you have put patients at risk and will continue to o so.

    As far as your other questions.

    Difficult to answer without knowing some facts.

    If you have done nothing wrong then you should be fine, just be honest.

    But as the previous poster asked, is there any basis to the complaint?

    If so, and I would urge honesty then there will be a formal investigation to establish if there is a case to answer, if it is found there is honesty is your best option.

    If you have been recording observations without actually taking them then this is serious, your best option is to hold your hands up, reflect and show you are determined to change your practice.

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    Quote from kismetRN
    wow I could almost hug you right now XB9S .. thank you sooo much for the helpful insight. I also plan to read the website about NMC ethics, just in case.
    Yep! this is with the agency and for Royal Marsden post in surgery.
    I have my eyes all along to be hired in RM but I know i couldn't possibly breeze thru without preparation.
    Your agency should give you some support with interview prep, I know the one we use does.

    At band 5 they will just be looking to see you are a safe and competent practitioner, with an understanding that transitioning will take time.

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    There is lots of information about nursing interviews in the UK section.

    Just a couple if queries to help me answer your question.

    Is this with an agency and do you already have NMC registration.
    Is this a band 5 position (I suspect it is)

    Its likely there will be general questions rather than speciality specific if it is a band 5

    I have interviewed overseas nurses and questions I've asked

    What do you think the main challenge you will find worjing within UK nursing how will it differ from what you are used to.

    If a patient has a fall, what are your actions

    A doctor asks you to administer medication your not familiar with, he tells you not to worry its his responsibility, what do you do

    You ask a health care support worker to assist you toilet a patient, he tells you he's too busy - how do you respond.

    Why do you want to work here (hospital/ speciality / UK)

    We also give numeracy and literacy assessments during the interview process.