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    Is this an interview question, if so what are your ideas

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    Look through the personal spec of the job and write your statement from there demonstrating why you meet the criteria

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    Quote from GrumpyRN
    Very impressive XB9S, I would never have thought of that... Maybe I am a dinosaur after all.
    Aww shucks, thank you very much

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    Quote from Lourdes123
    I am a scrub nurse for 15 years in general theatre, I'm looking for a good presentation about "I have"???? need to present in 5 minutes duration. Any idea, maybe about I have ....what changes I can offer, or any development I can have to offer??? Please can you advise or give me a topic to present! Any help I will appreciate it much. Thanks
    I would start with "I have so much to offer this service"

    Then you have a blank canvas to sell yourself.

    You can talk about knowledge, experience, skills and your ideas for change or improvement.

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    If you can work will depend on your trust policy. Ours is that you take unpaid leave and are then investigated under disciplinary for breech of contract.

    I think you have to do declarations and provide evidence of CPD and practice hours but I'm not sure

    If you haven't already I suggest you speak with the RCN or unison.

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    If your accepting a conditional offer with an NHS trust then your contract will be with that trust.

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    I would recommend that you Talk to your occupational health team about your concerns. They will be able to give you the appropriate advice and support up I through this.

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    For reflective discussion you need to be an active registrant, for practice related feedback it could be anyone but must be within he revalidation period so you couldn't provide feedback from 5 years ago.

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    Quote from JessVienna
    I am planning to work in UK. I 'd like to ask whose responsibility is to draw blood in the hespitals? nurses, techs, doctors?
    Most hospitals will have phlebotomy staff during daytime hours, after that it is doctors or nurse practitioners. Some nurses will if they have the training and time but it's not part of the role unless they work in a specialist area.

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    It'll depend on your trust policies. Where I work you can only move if you apply and are successful in the interview or under the redeployment policy, a word of caution with that though most policies will issue you 12 weeks notice under the policy and if you don't find work you end up out of a job.

    First step I'd suggest talk to your union and / or HR department

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    As Denmark is an EU member state you should be able to transfer your registration across. We've just appointed nurses from other EU countries who are newly qualified in my hospital in the UK

    It's worth contacting an agency to assist with this.

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    Legally the nurse in charge of the ward is responsible for the custody and security of the CD meds and keys. You can delegate the duties but the responsibility is yours

    Personally, I would check myself if I'm charge.

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    Quote from francescaf88
    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for a good advise about NHS Bristol hospitals.
    Is there someone whohave worked there for a while to give me a feedback?

    Many thanks
    What advice in particular, which hospital?

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    I would say no to Internet discussions although I would suggest you confirm with the NMC. The other registrant needs to sign your documentation to confirm that discussion has taken place.

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    Quote from heather31
    Hi, I have been invited for a band 6 interview for Clinical Skills Educator. I have 10 minutes to teach the interview panel a clinical skill in the skills lab. I am working as an experienced band 5 in a community setting and am a nurse mentor. I have undertaken minimal group teaching sessions some years ago. I was thinking of flip chart, demonstrating skill with explanation and asking questions of the panel as in a real time teaching session. Would welcome any advice on approach please.
    It's worth researching methods of teaching psychomotor skills it'll give you some ideas of how to structure it. Personally stay away from flip charts, teaching skills are better developed with a hands on approach, demonstration with explanation then practice. Think of a very simple, basic skill. Taking a pulse, checking blood pressure they will be looking at how you conduct yourself and impart information rather than what skill your teaching.

    Exploring approaches to clinical skills development in nursing education | Practice | Nursing Times

    Fundamentals of Nursing, 2nd Edition