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On death and dying: The Liverpool Care Pathway

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is widely used, and recognised as best practice when caring for patients who are end of life. It aim is to guide the multi-disciplinary team in areas such as discontinuation of fluids, medicines and the pathway gives guidence around comfort measures during the last days and hours of life. Organsised into sections, it has provided consistency, support and guidence for those who make use of it to promote and ensure a comfortable, dignified death. In... Read More →

Studying in the UK: A guide to Academic Writing

1. Plan Before you start, have an good idea about what your going to aim to write about and discuss this with your tutor. Quite often good ideas can be swamped by the shear volume of information available which leads to a potentially excellent subject only being discussed at a superficial level. Your tutor will be able to guide and support you in focusing your idea so that your able to get the depth required for the level you are studying. Meet with your tutor early on, and then ask for... Read More →

Mental Capacity Act 2005: What it means for your practice

The Mental Capacity act was something that I knew little about, until recently a few patients came through our unit that we had concerns about their capacity, which led to the need to take action. As part of reflective practice and in order to learn more about what rights and protection we could provide for these people I felt the need to research and find out more about the act and what it meant for nurses like myself day to day. There are statutory principles within the act: "The... Read More →

Changes in the NHS under the "ConDem" governement

There are major changes ahead in the way the NHS in England will be funded this will mean what for the staff who work on the shop floor. According to this article, patients will not see any changes at all, what it will give is General Practitioner the power to buy services for their patients from, this may be an NHS establishment however it could also be within the private sector. Read More →

Clinical Governance and Risk Managment

One of the aspects of UK healthcare that is supposed to help us provide good quality care for our patients in clinical governance. All NHS organisations will have clinical governance committees and these help the trusts manage risk. I have tried to compile details of what clinical governance is, and how it can be used to help nurses improve the care we provide to our patients. What Does It All Mean Clinical governance is a system for improving clinical practice. It was first... Read More →

International Nurses and UK nursing

One of the topics that is raised frequently in the UK and International forums is how does an international nurse go about working in the UK. The replies are often negative and in general try to convey how very difficult this is. There are lots of hoops to jump through and currently the economic situation in the UK is very grim, this means that jobs anywhere are scarce and our government is trying to keep UK citizens in work, therefore making obtaining a work visa more difficult. Before... Read More →

Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how do I prepare for an interview, and over the years of both being interviewed and interviewing I have built up a stock pile of questions and interview tips. There are many websites out there that can help you prepare, and I have included some of them as links here. One of the easiest questions to prepare for is "tell us about yourself" it's a way of breaking the ice at interviews and you will usually get some sort of variation of this... Read More →