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  • Jan 22

    "emotionally unbalanced" or whatever. You can label however you want. This is a power tripping duo that is not going to change. You are not in with the in crowd, get out while the getting is good.

  • Jan 17

    Compassion fatigue and burnout are not one and the same.
    Research until the cows come home.

    The solution is safe staffing ratios.

  • Jan 11

    I'm in agreement that it's NON-VOICE noise that is the biggest problem.

    Respiratory carts, phlebotomy carts, vitals machines, ER stretchers, etc., all rattle down the halls and thump over the expansion joints / fire door jambs. Why can't they put rollerblade wheels on all those things so they glide quietly?

    Then you have the nurse phones, aide phones, and unit clerk phones.

    And the call lights, IV pump alarms, BiPAP/CPAP alarms, and constant bed alarms.

    And the doctors, charge nurses, respiratory therapists, and housekeepers all have beepers that go off at all hours of the night.

    And how about the tvs that are on MAX VOLUME because the LOLs and LOMs are deaf as a doorknob, and we can't close their door to muffle the sound because they're also a FALL RISK and we need to constantly be on the lookout for someone trying to go walkabout without permission.

    So, even if we get ALL of those things quieted down, we're still going in to give meds at 2030, then injecting them with heparin again at 2200, then waking them at 0000 for vitals, then waking them again at 0400 for vitals (if we didn't also wake them at 0200 for SoluMedrol or an antibiotic IVPB), then phlebotomy wakes them at 0500 for lab draws, then we're back in again at 0600 for "on an empty stomach" meds like Synthroid and Protonix, plus we have to shoot them in the belly with heparin again.


  • Jan 11

    No, not answering the phone is your right. I wouldn't let that make you feel bad. If they have staffing issues, you are not the answer to them all.

    Focus on studying and work as much as you need to and let the rest roll off your back.

    I regularly screen my calls. And don't answer.

  • Jan 1

    I hate the dreams where the hospital doesn't even look like my hospital or it's in a mall and the patient rooms are mixed in with shops. I wander around all day looking for my patients and can't find them or their meds, and for some crazy reason I never ask for help. Or, it's time to go home and I find out I had 8 patients I didn't even know about!

  • Jan 1

    I'm sure this is very common, but dreaming that at the end of a shift, I find out I had a patient I never knew about or saw once.

  • Dec 30 '16

    My manager - absolutely. Best manager I've ever had, even compared to non-healthcare jobs I've had. My employer - hell no. But That's been true of every job I've ever held, whether I was making sandwiches in fast food or saving lives in a hospital. C'est la vie.

  • Dec 29 '16

    the managing RN replied "there is nothing we can do because he has dementia, the best we can do is keep an eye on him"
    This is a truckload of bovine feces. Women -- vulnerable women -- are being sexually violated in their home, and they have every right to protection. Vulnerable adult reports must be made to adult protective services. Your gf is a mandated reporter, so it really doesn't matter what this supervising RN said. (Shame on the supervising RN, by the way. She knows about sexual violence being committed upon residents under her care, and she refuses to help them. "Keeping an eye on him" is not possible when each nurse is responsible for 30 residents. I don't use the phrase "shame on them" lightly, but truly, shame on her.)

    I believe that those being accused in reports can't be given the name(s) of those making the report, so she should be fine job-wise. Even if she wasn't though, could she really sleep at night knowing that she has allowed these women to be violated? Jobs are replaceable. People are not.

  • Dec 28 '16

    This is sexual abuse and needs to be reported to the state agency. And the RN who said that nothing can be done needs to be reported to the state board of nursing. She is a mandated reporter. Shame on her! There should be a state number posted within the facility in several different places that ANY person can call to report abuse of any kind or other poor quality of care issues. Your girlfriend needs to use the number as she is also a mandated reporter. This behavior is wrong, dementia or not.

  • Dec 28 '16

    Quote from heron
    I strongly suspect this is a mandated report situation. The sexual abuse of residents is abuse and licensed nurses are required by law to report it.

    Thanks for cutting to the quick and for the wake up call reality orientation, heron!

  • Dec 28 '16

    I strongly suspect this is a mandated report situation. The sexual abuse of residents is abuse and licensed nurses are required by law to report it. The consequences for not doing so vary from state to state. That the abuser is also a resident with dementia only means that the perpetrator won't be criminally charged. It does not mean nothing can be done. More likely, the facility does not want to get the state involved. I know in my state, such abuse is a reportable event.

    OP, if your gf has already notified facility management of the problem and they blew her off, she has a legal obligation to take it to the state regulators. She could lose her license if she knows and does nothing.

  • Dec 23 '16

    "I want to call in since it's a holiday ."

    Way to stick it to your co-workers.

  • Dec 23 '16

    That's probably a bridge you do not want to burn. Go to work- your colleagues are expecting you. It's the professional thing to do.

  • Dec 23 '16

    "Fixin' to die" is probably perfectly normal and common speech where she is from. Saying she sounds ignorant for using her typical phrases is pretty judgemental, in my opinion. Where she is from and how she speaks has nothing to do with her competence or professionalism.

  • Dec 23 '16

    She was not to ignorant , as she critical thought and intervened, with 911/ems.....

    now with all my decades of critical care experience, am fixin to cook dinner....