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    You know what would be great? Let ALL americans have the SAME health insurance plan that all the US senators and Congress people have.
    I would be wiling to switch !

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    Just wondering how some of you would handle being in a nursing program that you felt was personally unsupportive to you as a student.

    I struggled with a couple of issues in the program and the way it was handled by the instructor AND the program manager was extremely NON supportive.

    So i am seriously thinking about not continuing with the program. Part of me considers
    trying another school, but I have a feeling I would run into the same kind of treatment again and i really can't afford it.

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    Is there a place on allnurss that lists all states? There used to be....

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    I have been in abusive relationships before. I also experienced bullying from several nursing instructors. The bullying was so bad, I chose to drop out rather than continue with the program. I sometimes regret dropping out, but I simply couldn't take the pressure of having to perform perfectly in order to pass the instructors class. The college eventually got rid of those two unprofessional instructors. But I know that their replacements would more than likely be just as bad. I have seen enough in nursing school and the job world to know that the majority of nurses are very unprofessional and would rather talk bad about their coworkers vs. help them.

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    It starts in nursing school. Where basically you are self taught. That was my experience anyway. Oh, and did I mention the bullying by the clinical instructors who are waiting with baited breath to dock you in your evaluation.
    I have a bachelor of science degree in another field. I have never seen such unprofessionalism as I did in nursing school.
    My respect for the profession in general has dropped significantly.

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    Short answer...only YOU can decide if it is for you. Unfortunately, there are some negatives with nursing that you will experience in school and on the job. It is a profession like no other. And I don't mean that in a positive way.
    Now the good news....there are some wonderful things about nursing such as being there for someone in their time of need and a lot of flexibility in job choices.

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    It seems to be tolerated very well in the profession. Just wondering why there doesn't seem to be the
    "hype" about it when the current pc tone is no bullying.

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    Bullying in public schools has been a topic prevalent in the media and society the last couple years. However, bullying, or "lateral violence", or "incivility" seems to be an ongoing problem in the nursing field.

    I have been bullied both as a student and also on the job.
    I know others have been bullied too.

    Why does it seem so acceptable for nurses to practice bullying ?
    I don't think I have ever heard of a solution to this problem.

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    perhaps lack of incentive to help someone else. Or just the lack of good work ethic in general.

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    my personal experience has been attitude. Some of my coworkers think doing such and such is not MY shift's responsibility
    so they don't do it. They are concerned only what is relevant to their specific shift.

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    team work is so important. But unfortunately, it is rare. In my experience, people tend to do ONLY what is necessary for their specific shift.

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    Hey everyone,,,I just had a lightbulb go off in this feeble brain of mine!
    I went to the wrong school! Thanks so much for all your answers and feedback !
    I really appreciate it !

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    And, just to point out something, I did not say every single instructor. I said "almost every instructor".

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    Wow....I can see that a lot of nursing instructors answered here and I guess I should not be surprised that they are of
    the opinion that it really isn't them its the student.
    well ...I had a nursing clinical instructor who was going to be removed from teaching clinicals due to
    many, many, complaints about her.
    So when there were two weeks left of clinical (for the semester) she told me she had seen me
    do something unsafe a month earlier, and had the write up in her office waiting for me.
    She was very pit bull like, and she was not interested in my side of things whatsoever.
    I withdrew from class.
    So to all you clinical instructors who took the time to answer this post, why don't you do me a favor and answer the following
    question....How does waiting a MONTH to issue me a safety write up, benefit my learning? Is it better for me to be in the dark
    for a month about my mistake and perhaps continue making the SAME mistake, than to issue me the warning the same day it
    I imagine it is.

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    I have experienced this with almost EVERY nursing instructor I had.
    I can honestly say they would rather see you fail than succeed.

    Has anyone else experienced this ?