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Daily Profile of a Student Nurse

She wakes up almost everyday at 5 am to prepare our breakfast and her snacks while getting ready for hospital duty at 7 am. It is such a wonder how she looks so refreshing with less than an 8 hour of sleep. She wears now her ironed white uniform, then her stretchy white full support anti-varicose vein pantyhose, and her newly shined white shoes. She does it in a fashionably, fast, and careful manner not to crease the uniform or run the pantyhose. The food served on the table was cooling... Read More →

Overcoming Clumsiness

Some commonly asked questions to a clumsy person: How can you become a nurse when you often break the glass? Where is your presence of mind?! Are you sure you can do it without tripping or breaking? Clumsiness, an issue that I have considered as a hindrance in pursuing nursing. Yes, I was once a victim of clumsiness. The most painful part was if the above questions were the same words coming from someone dear to you. With strong desire and confidence, I knew I had to make a... Read More →

Caring Point

Across the hall of a certain government hospital, on the pediatric wing, I heard someone harshly vomiting with cough. You could tell like it was in projectile motion. It was not music to my ears; it was dreadful. It was so loud that you could hear it from the other room, or at the end of the hall way. I felt sorry for other patients about to be awakened by it. I started wishing it was not my patient assigned to me yesterday. I prayed that it was not her as this would only make her... Read More →

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