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  • Oct 30 '16

    Unless you actually observe them carrying out overt sexual activity then you are only either observing flirtatious behavior (somewhere along the spectrum of extremes) or being exposed to heresay. Even if one of them tells you they are having an affair, it's still heresay unless you see it yourself. Kind of like nursing practice.

    As said above, unless it interferes with patient care it is none of your business. It is especially not anyone's business to sit around gossiping, speculating, and spreading rumor.

  • Aug 12 '16

    According to EMTALA, you can refuse to treat things that are not considered emergencies. The trick is, though, it has to be determined through a medical exam that it is not an emergency. Triage does not count. so you've got to get the person back there for the exam, and since they're back there, might as well treat them.

    I think EMTALA needs some serious tweaking. Or those who wrote it should be willing to pick up the tab.

    Edit to add: still, I think I'd suggest a nail salon instead of an emergency room for a hangnail. Much cheaper.

    I do know that hospitals can and do garnish wages to pay for things if a person has an income. They can also put liens against property.