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    Vacations are done by seniority in the health system. Working a straight shift (being exempt from working a variety of shifts) is based on unit seniority.

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    So essentially you are looking for someone who has a history of two distinct professions? If you want to expand your search you'd probably need to pick one career or the other. That's not the most common combination you're going to see.

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    Clinicals in school? They should only be on a new grad resume. If you mean CNA or LPN, then it simply needs to be listed in the previous employment section.

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    No, you should not use RN study guides to study for the PN exam. Each review is going to be specific to each test.

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    Quote from Ibyn26
    Most of the things we're being tested on aren't covered in the class. The professor just use PowerPoints and don't teach at all. You're pretty much responsible for teaching yourself
    That is the nature of adult learning. You will not be spoonfed information- you have textbooks and other resources to rely on. There is simply no way to cover all of the information that needs to be learned in nursing school during classroom time.

    It could also be that PowerPoint presentations are not a match for your learning style- try taking a learning styles inventory and seeing how you learn best. Then you can apply that to how you study outside of class.

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    Follow your chain of command, but also realize that they may have already launched an investigation. You are not privy to any investigations or disciplinary actions taken against another employee- those are confidential.

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    For which state? Each state seems to process at a different rate. Also, form 1 isn't a universally used term, so it may be specific to the state you live in. Since this is the post graduate nursing student forum, it's impossible to guess which state you're referring to.

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    Schools will typically withhold everything related to graduation if your account is not in good standing.

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    Hugs Far before slinking off to the uncool table.

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    There are many sources you can use to find nursing programs: your state BON should have a list of approved programs, and ACEN and CCNE have search pages to find accredited programs. From those lists, you can then research schools within your preferred area to see if they have an evening/weekend option.

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    Back in my day....

    Just kidding. But honestly, just skim over the highlighted sections of the guidelines. There's so much "this research said and that research said" in the text. Hit the highlights instead of trying to read everything.

    Personally, all I did was the CCI review book and a review course through AORN with money back guarantee.

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    It's really going to depend on the type of facility. My hospital has surgeon block time until 5:30pm, and routinely will grant permission to schedule cases that run later than that. It's not uncommon to be running scheduled elective cases until 7pm. We are also a level 2 trauma center, so we do see a fair amount of traumas (primarily orthopedic injuries, although we had a heck of a stabbing case night before last) and of course, the urgent cases that can't wait- appendectomies, fracture management, maybe an organ procurement. You may want to ask your instructor what to expect as they would probably have a better idea of the particulars.

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    Refer to your state's nurse practice act. Sometimes, it is specified there. My state specifies that instructors must be at least one degree higher than the students.

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    Well, many schools grade the clinical portion as pass/fail. A pass in the clinical portion is required to move on to the next class, regardless of the grade in the classroom portion. Now, that leads me to my several questions:

    How many graded paperwork assignments are we talking about? Is it just one? Is it multiple?

    If it's multiple, why wasn't the issue addressed after the first several?

    Are students permitted to resubmit paperwork? Or is it a once and done thing? If it's once and done, what is your argument for being allowed to resubmit when such a process was not allowed for others?

    What is the proper process for appealing a grade? Follow that established process.

    And when you do go to appeal, don't go with just what you've said here about not being allowed to resubmit, about it being related to neuro. What will you do to fix it? Will you seek out guidance from an instructor if you have questions? Utilize other resources such as journal articles or textbooks?

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    My facility has always provided the OR staff with their weekend schedule around October for the following year. The rotations do switch up a bit for holidays- each team is expected to work one summer and one winter holiday. It works. As for the sterile processing department, that would fall under the line of "and any other duties as assigned". We also have staff that float between three different buildings. What's the alternative- being sent home for low census and having to use vacation time or take it without pay? What matters is if you are willing to accept this change or you are going to make it the deciding factor in looking elsewhere.