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Even the Stoic Have a Breaking Point

by Rose_Queen - The day started out normally enough: come into work, get my assignment, and start preparing my OR. I didn’t need to move in right away; while we normally move patients into the OR around 0700, my...

Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

by Rose_Queen - Welcome to the world of OR nursing! Now sit down, buckle up, and hold on (Tips for new OR nurses) So, you were offered that coveted OR position and accepted. Now, you’re wondering just what it is...

#NursesUnited: Can we continue the momentum for necessary change?

by Rose_Queen - Nurses all over the country have united in protest against the comments made about nurses on The View. One single act has managed to unite many despite the inter-nursing battles of different...

Dear nursing students: We need to talk about homework help

by Rose_Queen - Dear nursing students, There is a reason this site is called allnurses: It's for all nurses (and anyone remotely interested in nursing or its related professions). That means that your instructors...