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Joined Jan 27, '18 - from CA, US. bjwojcik is a Retired Pharmacist and Educator. He has '30+' year(s) of experience. Posts: 53 (38% Liked) Likes: 34

I graduated from the University of the Pacific in 1975 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Prior to entering pharmacy school, I was a chemistry major, but also had an interest in mathematics and physics.
I am retired from pharmacy now, but during my pharmacy career I held positions in a variety of settings, including chain retail, independent pharmacy, clinic pharmacy, long term care, and hospital pharmacy.
The position which brought me the most joy and satisfaction was professor at Heald College in Roseville, California, from April 2011 through March 2013. It was here that I learned how to teach pharmacy calculations in a way which could be understood by students with very limited math background to students enrolled in calculus classes. It was not uncommon for my students to complete the entire class scoring 100% on every test, including the final exam.
Upon retiring from my teaching position, I posted a series of pharmacy calculation videos on YouTube, which receive hundreds of views every day. I enjoy answering questions from my viewers and appreciate all the positive feedback.
I enjoy skiing, golf, camping, and volunteering in Yosemite National Park in my leisure time.

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Retired Pharmacist and Educator
30+ years
Skiing, golf, group exercise classes, medical calculations.
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