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  • May 12 '11

    At the nursing leadership level the focus is on advanced practice and moving into the MD turf.
    The bedside nurses, the LPNs the ADN prepared nurses are getting left behind and undervalued.

  • May 12 '11

    An increasing focus on "Customer Service" as opposed to patient care and outcomes. I'm seeing a trend where patients are no longer being held accountable for being compliant with medical treatments because if they don't want to give up their KFC despite a blood sugar of 600 they don't have to and shame on us on trying to provide education to a healthier lifestyle after all the "Customer is always right.". Because of this attitude of "Don't upset the customer." a nurses' opinion is given little regard by the public and our superiors.

    The Healthcare industry, those three words say it all. Helping human beings recover and become well has been perverted into "Do whatever we can to make money and avoid being sued or draw public attention."

    Our health care system is flawed, and sadly we nurses are in many cases viewed merely as pawns and as an expense.