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The language of pain

Years ago in my high school P.E. class, I jumped down off some bleachers and sprained my ankle really bad. I sat there holding my ankle and was face was somewhat contorted into an expression of pain, although there were no tears, no outcry, and no drama. Yet, one of my classmates accused me of acting like a baby. I felt shame over this for years because even my own family had the attitude of “Don’t bother me with your pain”, “Don’t embarrass me by expressing it/what will people think” type... Read More →

No Guarantees

When I worked in LTC, I took care of a resident who was total care, and had dementia with psychotic features. This resident used the call bell a lot and yelled for people to help often. One day I was walking down the hall to this resident's room and it occurred to me---this could be me in 30 or 40 years, and without a clear mind or someone to care enough to speak up for me I would truly be helpless. There are no guarantees in life. No one came into this world with a guarantee of perfect... Read More →