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    Well people get upset with minor thing. One of my collegue was so upset and investigated who ate her apple that she left overnight on the table in the staff room!

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    As a matter of fact, if socks had MD's name then it did belong to someone but except that the whole situation is ridiculous and sounds unreal!

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    I am introvert as well, PACU and now research work well me. but everywhere you will have kind of interactions with others

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    When I was a new nurse I was staying longer all the time to finish charting. Now it is really rare, only if something unusually busy happens and I wont make it. I chart a lot, my entries I always much longer than others. I learnt to chart any call to MD, any discussion with family immediately, I never leave charting to the end, I start the earlierst possible and update throughout the day.

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    I did not like my schedule with 12h shifts. I was ok working 12h even though my floor was very busy but Honestly I did not feel like I have 4 days off. Our schedule was different every week, often 3 night in row, 2 days and 1 day off and then 2 nights. Hardly ever full weekend off. I was exhausted. I changed the job in PACU Where we had 9, 10 and 12h shifts days only. I loved the fact that I had no nights and lots of weekends off but still no time to do much after work. I am about to change to work 8h shifts in research facility. All weekends and holidays off. I think I will love the regular hours. I will have time to cook, go to church meetings and sign up to evening classess. But I realise that a big disadvantage will be that I will be at work every day in office hours so I would have to take day off for appointments. There is no ideal schedule.

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    Quote from brownbook
    Thanks for educating me. Until now I had never heard of language discrimination.

    If I cannot understand my doctor or nurse due to an accent or manner of speech what should I do?
    It depends. If you are the only one who does not understand then you should work on your listening skills.

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    You can improve by signing up for English lessons. This nurse is a real jerk. I had similar situation when a nurse told me that my English was very poor. This nurse happened to be foreigner as well and in addition from my country. No native speaker ever complained about my language skills. Just dont worry I am sure your language skills are fine

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    I think research nursing or nurse educator.

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    I would choosw neurology clinic. First, I find it more interesting, secondly I prefer to work in one place.

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    Choose the one you enjoyed the most as a student. If it is a long-term care, go for it. Patients need passionate nurses, not exactly those who follow others advice but do not enjoy their workplace.

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    Oh yes. Never say it is quiet or you had a good shift. I had good shifts in the past and 15min to the end of the shift just to get the report and usually it was the time when my stable patients were in severe pain, deteriorated or started bleeding. It looked like I didnt do much whole my shift.

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    I would say it is ok to choose the profession for money. But do you like nursing at all? A little bit? This is specific job, requires lots of empathy, smiling when you feel you would rather prefer to shoot the patients and psychological and often physical endurance. If you are ok with it and can cope for many years then its worth going for it.

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    I meant dorsogluteal.

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    I was taught this technique but in same time I was told it is not recommended. I find it comfortable place to give injection but it depends on patient's preference. I heard about really nasty complications in children but never with adults.