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Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 103 - Going Stir Crazy

by BizzyBeeNursing - There is no denying grad school can be stressful. Listening to lecture, working on homework assignments, being active on discussion boards, and attempting to finish all reading material can take more...

Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 101- Journey Before the Storm

by BizzyBeeNursing - Deciding to go to Grad School is a big decision with lots of planning and choices involved in preparation and organization along the way. In this Vlog I will share with your my journey through Grad...

Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 102 - First Week of Classes

by BizzyBeeNursing - For any person that thinks that grad school will be a walk in the park, I’m sorry to burst your bubble! It’s not only time consuming, but also mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing. Many...