Pressure To Be A Super FNP Student - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 204

On the outside I am cool, calm, and collected and look like I have everything together. But on the inside, I am a ball of nerves. Does this describe you? Nursing Students NP Students Article


Pressure To Be A Super FNP Student - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 204

When I first decided to attend grad school I was ecstatic about the opportunity to increase my nursing knowledge and grow into my future role as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). However as my program progressed, I noticed feelings of fear and self-doubt would creep up out of nowhere. On one hand, I often told myself I needed to be more productive and that I was not living up to my potential; but on the other hand I was unable to verbalize or envision what that looked like.

To help alleviate my anxiety, I bought countless office supplies, color-coded my notes, drafted multiple schedules, and made sure to peer over every line in my textbooks to ensure that I didn't miss anything! Ultimately, I would end up in a cycle where I was either doing great in school but failing at everything else, or excelling in life but trying to catch up on schoolwork. On the outside I was cool, calm, and collected. I looked like I had everything together; but on the inside I was a ball of nerves!

When I made the decision to go to FNP School, I essentially chose to give up my life to fulfill a dream. This decision did not only affect my life, but also the lives of my loved ones. The pressure to be a "Super FNP Student" was overwhelming! But was it the program that caused the pressure, or was it the unrealistic expectations I placed upon myself? The more I thought about it I realized, yes FNP is challenging and fast paced, but my unrealistic standards were also playing a part in my anxiety!

Often students can be their own worst critics, which can in turn make grad school even more unbearable! It was not until I changed this mindset, that I became a better student, daughter, and partner. By choosing to believe in myself, doing my due diligence, networking with other students, and cutting myself some slack, I was able to finally remove the super student cape and just be myself. FNP school is hard enough, why make things harder on yourself?

In this week's vlog I go over how to avoid the Super FNP Student trap. Some highlights include

  • What does a super student look like? Is it realistic?
  • Overview of a hard week.

I hope you enjoy Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) Episode 204: Pressure To Be A Super FNP Student. Let me know below, if you have ever felt like you had to be a Super FNP Student and what do you do in those instances to relieve your anxiety. Please like, comment, subscribe and share!

Heads up! If you're new here or an old friend of the Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) series, you can always catch up with my journey from the beginning.

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Love your videos!!

Thx Vintagemother, CNA, LVN, RN! You Rock!

How far along are you in the program? My volume on my computer is broken.