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I work in an ER on the coast of Florida, dance, write, and go to the beach nearly every day off to soak up the healing energy of the ocean.

The Nurse at the Bedside

by RobbiRN - The Nurse at the Bedside Let me introduce myself. I’m the nurse, the one at the bedside. It’s a place I’ve occupied for twenty-four years. There are millions like me. You might see me as an...

Projecting Optimism: Creating Positive Outcomes

by RobbiRN - Mr. Aldred is relatively calm as I start an IV and draw some blood for his labs. His chest pain started two hours ago while he was watching TV, eating some chips, and drinking a diet coke. There had...

Confronting Doctors with Wrong Orders

by RobbiRN - Confronting Doctors with Wrong Orders We are standing at the counter of the nurse’s station in the ER when I tell Dr. Hanson that his patient in 18 is asking for pain medication. ...