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  • Jul 24 '16

    I just went through my first experience with state and it SUCKED!! I tried my best to just work as I normally do, but when someone is watching your every move it is just unnerving! It is very stressful, but it's not forever and then they go away.

  • Jun 29 '16

    I have a fedora and trench story myself!
    My friend lived in an older part of town on top of a beauty shop. She used to tell me about this guy who stood in her kitchen who was a side sillouhette (sp) of a man in a fedora and trench coat. She said that when she would close her bedroom door at night he would bang on it loudly, but he would leave her alone when she left it open.

    I used to stay over at her house because she lived a ways from me and one night I was sleeping on her sofa and woke up, looked into the kitchen and there he was......watching me back. That time around I just went back to the sofa and hid under the covers! Next time I was staying over I was sleeping on the futon in her 2nd bedroom and suddenly out of nowhere something shook me out of a dead sleep. I woke up in time to see a black shadow gliding out of the door. Um yeah ok this time I hauled butt and slept on my friends floor!! For some reason he would not come into her bedroom, but apparently he had full run of the rest of the house! We saw him a lot after that, catching him out of the corner of our eyes, feeling this heaviness and senssation of being watched and even at times, touched. I don't think he was evil, just displaced and probably wondering why we were in HIS house!!