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  • Sep 11

    Quote from ladybuglouRN
    I am a new grad that has passed my NCLEX. I have a family and small children and just can't see myself working 12 hour shifts let alone night shifts in a hospital. I want something with regular hours where i can be home at night and on holidays. Will I never be able to go to a hospital later on in my career if i don't start out there? I am really thinking I would be ok with that but want to keep my options open. Any advice out there? It would be greatly appreciated!
    When I graduated it was pretty hard to get into the hospitals so I was applying elsewhere. I ended up landing a job as a new grad in Home Health. I work M-F 8-4 with a weekend admission every so often and we don't work holidays. My hours are very flexible and I am home with my family every night. I do fear that going into a HHA has more than likely prevented me from ever working in the hospital. But I love the pace of where I work. I can take the time with my pts and I cannot see myself working in a hospital environment. I think I was one of the lucky ones who found my niche in nursing right away, and also found a boss who was willing to take on a new grad. Best of luck to you. It IS possible to not work in the hospital!!