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  • Jun 29 '16

    Maybe the OP was trying to seek out nurses who have experience with this phenomenon on a daily basis as they are adjusting to their role as an ICU nurse. Just think! All that time you spent writing your sassy reply you could have spent...gasp!...helping another nurse? See the problem?

    Quote from PaSSiNGaS
    You all beat this guy up for simply stating the obvious. The OP asked a question and even said how they've heard this a lot but NOT ONE time did they say they looked up anything. They came here and asked a question a VERY simple google search would result in 100 pages of info that would explain this concept to them.

    I think it's a very valid question to the OP that they research this. Now if the OP came here and asked "hey I looked up anion gap and have a few questions about x y z" then sure I don't see a problem with that, but they didn't do that. Telling the person to actually do some simple research is not "eating their young." Its acting like a professional and being able to think for yourself and not just getting someone else to give you the answer because you don't feel like looking up something yourself.