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  • May 30 '17

    I know how you feel, I just moved to SoCal from Minnesota and the cost of living shocked me. Right now I live in Riverside County (Corona) and the cost of living here compared to the OC and LA is a lot cheaper. You have to do your research. A cheap apartment may seem like a good deal but the area might not be so good. I look at all of the grocery adds and shop at all of them (Vons, Ralphs, Food for Less, Stater Bros.) and save a lot of money just by controling my grocery bill. Be aware of your spending habits and plan your budget. I see many gas stations where the prices can vary as much as ten cents per gallon. The area is very beautiful with all of the hills and mountains. It does get hot in the summer, but it not a bad drive to the beach. I know that the OC pays higher than jobs out in Riverside County, but you need to also think of traffic, which is HORRIBLE!!!. From where I'm at going west-bound is MUCH WORSE than traveling east-bound. With that in mind you might have to ask yourself if the commute is worth the extra pay, because sometimes it's not. California pays a lot higher for nurses than back home, but the cost of living is higher. However, if you can manage to search for deals and live modestly you can save yourself money, which is what I'm doing. Right now I'm renting a two-bedroom 2.5 bath townhouse in a good area for $1200/month. Split between me and my fiance and his brother and wife and earning the pay that I'm at I'm able to pay off many of my loans and save money for the future. Good luck with your move if you decide to do it! California has been a great experience for me.