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    Quote from Miles87
    I took my exam today 5/27/17 and got the 205 Maximum questions. I got like 27 SATA's in the first 75 questions so I was hoping that the computer would stop at the minimum number but it didn't unfortunately.������������
    i got total of 50 SATA
    2 calculatations
    1 Image
    4 drag and drop
    and few prioritization.
    Has anyone experienced this before? I hope it's a good thing that I got a lot of SATA's.
    I'm sorry, but absolutely nothing you wrote gives an indication of anything. The formatting of the question, whether to be drag-and-drop or SATA is irrelevant. There is a myth out there that SATA questions somehow are more difficult and therefore indicate doing well if you receive many of them. You can pass this test without having had a single one or most of them. Doesn't matter multiple choice, match, fill in the blank. Nothing more than a type of formatting. All you can do is wait for your results. No idea how you did other than to say if you were a good student in school, if you went to a school with a good NCLEX pass rate, if most of your classmates do well on the NCLEX, it is likely you will too. Beyond that, no clue. Good luck.

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    the pop up messages you got weren't conflicting. The first said you couldn't make a new registration which is what you get when either you have passed the first scoring but not yet gone through the second, or when you've gone through both scorings and probably have passed. Results being on hold doesn't mean pass or fail or anything other than what it just said. Holds are placed whenever a test undergoes a further scrutiny, and this can happen whenever a palm scan is odd, the amount of time testing is unusual (typically faster than average) or if there is a reason to suspect cheating. A PV official can flag a test for review if they see something questionable on the day of testing. A test can be randomly reviewed. There could be a problem at the site that affected dozens of people, you just don't know about them. Doesn't mean anything.

    When you get your official results you'll know if you passed, failed, or if your test is invalid because of something you did that you shouldn't have done (that caused the hold) but people usually have a clue when that happens. No clue? Not likely a problem. Good luck.

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    Quote from avidhunter3
    Does anyone else have any input? We are so scared to believe? If he got the good pop up (which he did) did he likely pass? I wasn't sure if it's truly still accurate anymore....
    It's not accurate, it's a game, games aren't "accurate". Most of the time, though if you can't pay for another exam it means you've passed. Possible to pay for an exam and pass, that's the risk of the PVT in the first place.

    Looks to me like he's probably passed this time. If you can pay for Quick Results, do that. Check the BON website. Don't celebrate until you have official results. But with not being able to register, I'd be betting for a win.

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    The PVT is a game in which you submit your credit card information and if you passed the registration program isn't supposed to take your money and register you for another exam. You'd get a message along the lines of "this candidate has an open registration, another registration cannot be made at this time". If you've failed, it takes the payment you offered and registers you for that new exam.

    It's a game, but in order to play it you have to risk $200, you have to actually submit that payment and see what happens. People will tell you to use an expired card, or change the expiration date, or something like that, but if your card is declined it doesn't always mean you've failed, it means it tested the card and found it to be invalid (bad info=bad card to the computer).

    If you were above the passing standard at the time it shut off, you passed. If you were below the passing standard at that time, you failed.

    The kind of questions, the format of questions, all of that means squat. Nothing. They're just ways of questioning you, has nothing to do with difficulty.

    The NCLEX is reviewed for QI purposes and final determination is made by 24 hours after the test. No one knows exactly when, could be an hour, could be 23. So you risk the game taking your cash even more if you do it too early.

    Sometimes it tells people what they want to know, and sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time if it takes your money you failed. Personally I think it's too much of a risk of $200 when in the end you, like everyone else who has EVER played the PVT, won't believe it and will insist on doing it again, and again. So what's the point?

    If you can pay for Quick Results in your state, do it and be done with it. Check your BON website. Wait for official results. Anything else is just a game.

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    it's a computer calculation. Not graded by a human. Result is calculated instantly. Sometime over next 24 hours after the exam it is checked /scored a second time for QI reasons. States that participate in Quick Results allow test takers to find out pass or fail at the 48 hour mark, for a fee.

    California BON is a whole different animal than the rest of the country it seems, can't help you with that but I'm sure someone else here can!

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    Curious about how this is progressing. Update?

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    Typically when a student asks other people to give a detailed accounting ("show your work"), they are asking essentially to have other people do their homework for them.

    As the OP did not get anyone to do his homework for him he is now gone. Unless, of course, he was waiting for someone to post the answers he needs and they are due next week :-)

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    Quote from ap12il
    I took my nclex-pn April 10th did the pvt 48hrs post exam and also did not get the good pop up. Just like you I did it the same way my classmates did; while some of them got the good pop up i kept getting the bad one. A week later I got a letter via mail that I passed it!
    When you say you did not get the good pop up, are you saying that you paid $200? If you did not submit payment you did not do it correctly. There is no pop up to get if you do not submit the payment all the way through to the end!

    It's not like there is a variety of popups LOL, you either offered the payment and you can't pay because you passed or you pay. No pop up message at all? Then you did not play the game.

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    Quote from Aeg1075
    I'm not so sure this PVT is 100% effective either. I do read posts of individuals who have done it and get no pop up and then find out they passed two days later.

    I just took NCLEX yesterday (Friday) and did not get the good pop up. I tested at 75 questions with 17 SATA and I'm just now starting to heavily doubt myself...and all because of this silly PVT.

    Ive put all correct card info in, I've tried it with incorrect card info, I've gone all the way through to the final submit and I've gone to just the verification page.
    Everything you wrote tells me that no, you did not do it correctly. I'll make the directions as clear as possible, to clarify and hope to help those who are still confused. You did NOT do it correctly.

    The pvt is a game in which you attempt to register for another exam. If, and only if, you have submitted valid card information, pressed submit, then pressed submit AGAIN (twice) to confirm your submission, ONLY then will you get a pop up message that tells you that "another registration cannot be made at this time". That and ONLY that is the so-called good pop up. There is no other. The only bad pop-up isn't a pop up at all: it is confirmation that you have in fact paid $200 for a new registration.

    All these people who are talking about getting no pop up at all and then finding out they passed did it wrong. Either you submit the payment and it is declined because you cannot pay for another exam when you have passed this one, or you pay. That's it. The whole story.

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    1. The Pearson Vue Trick is not something that is accurate or not accurate. It's a game.

    2. If you passed it's not supposed to take your money. If you keep trying to submit money and it eventually takes it you can't get it back if you passed. If you think it's accurate, stop DOING it. If you don't think it works, stop DOING it.

    3. The registration program is a national website. Doesn't care what state you're in. Doesn't care if it's a weekend or holiday.

    4. Yes, people get a good pop up and then fail. It's rare, but someone posted about it not long ago. PVT good pop up, then PVT charged him the fee. Then he wanted to know if he passed or failed. Answer: you'll know when you know. When you get official results, and not before.

    Good luck.

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    Is this your 14th, or 15th attempt? Almost 6 hours for 79 questions means you would have run out of time in only a few more questions, which is a really REALLY long time to take to test. If you failed again and still want to test again you will need to move A LOT faster on the questions.

    In this case the number of questions is irrelevant.

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    I think what you might be asking, Mike, is really about the chances of your classmate getting into an accelerated nursing program. Those students who already possess a Bachelor degree in another field can enroll in a program that focuses only on the core nursing courses since the general education part of the degree has already been completed.

    The part your classmate is misunderstanding bigtime, though, is that she needs to compete against students who also have the same degree she does but ALSO did better in their pre-requisite courses than she did. Her C will leave her at a disadvantage. She may be happy with her C but she won't be very happy when she realizes that she should have gotten at least a B, maybe higher, to get into the program she wants.

    Not all programs are super competitive but one thing they all have in common is the need for a minimum GPA to apply. If she's a C student in general she won't have that.

    Focus on you, and let her figure it out on her own

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    If you don't mind the input, I'd say that you're going about this backwards. Each nursing program, each college/university has its own list of accepted pre-requisite courses. Not every program takes every other school's version of any one class, so looking for the cheapest courses is NOT the best approach. A course that is the cheapest available but isn't going to be acceptable to the school you want to attend is a complete waste of money.

    Also keep in mind that not all pre-requisite courses have online components that will be acceptable either. For instance, it's not unusual for any one school to ONLY accept the science courses with online labs from their OWN school, and some others don't accept ANY online science labs. And there is no nursing program that will not have labs as part of their list of pre-requisite courses.

    Best to find out from the schools you are most interested in attending what they will accept, and THEN figure out what you must do in person and what they will take from an online version.

    Good luck.

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    Quote from faithfl
    KCL Elixir 25mEg po BID. Avail: KCL Elixir 30 mEg=15mL. How many mL needed per dose? Thank you for any help you can give me. Show your math operation for this problem. I also need some help with other problems
    Amoxicillin 300mg po BID X 10 days. Avail: Amoxicillin 250mg=5mL. How many mL needed per dose?
    Cefactor Oral Susp. 250mg po TID. 375MG=5mL. How many mL needed per dose?
    If you lay out the formula here, how you're setting it up, we can see what you might be doing wrong. If you're doing this and not getting the right answer seeing how you are working on it would help us to help you.