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    Ok that was weird lol, my smiley face emoji didn't work right! Oh well was supposed to end with a smile :-)

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    Rainy, all Rose is trying to tell you is that at the PVT is a trick, a game, NOT official anything. Most of the time it is true that not getting charged means you passed. And you probably did!!

    What she is also trying to tell you is that in some states, passing the test is only part way to getting your license, the Board of Nursing for your state has to approve your application. I know it sounds crazy, but if you don't know about this, what you're not understanding is that for some states, passing the test only means you passed the test. There are those who passed the test but their states review their application, and on a final review deny them a license based on something. Could be background check. Could be something they've determined to be falsel in your application. I'm NOT saying this is going to happen to you I am only saying that that is why you are NOT officially an RN. Please don't think it is being mean, no one is being negative or bothered or whatever the point is just that playing the PVT game means you probably passed and are likely to get a license. When that happens then yes you will officially be an RN. Until then, just relax, kick back and wait until you get that actual license before screaming to the hills that you are a nurse. I hope you understand now.

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    Quote from rainydaysoo
    Just got home from the test site. My test started at 8am and it shut off at 75 questions.

    My last few questions with Application and Analysis questions type( Who do you see first) I believe I got those right and during my test I would see Select all that apply questions back to back at least 3 times.

    I had about 40 Multiple choice,30 Select all that apply, No math questions, No med questions. I don't think what to think right now. I did the Pearson vue and got the bad pop up. I received a lot of Prioritization questions.

    Tested in Brooklyn, right by the Brooklyn bridge, looking over Manhattan on Such a beautiful day 2/22 <3

    I used Kaplan and Uworld.

    What you think? I know my last few questions were passing level questions, does that make a difference??

    Uworld assessment gave me very high chance of passing
    Nothing you wrote gives any clue as to how you did other than you got the minimum number of questions. THAT means either you did amazingly well, rocked the test, or you did so badly it gave up. Which is more likely?

    You don't know whether the last questions or any questions for that matter were above the passing level. Types of questions don't matter. Format of questions doesn't matter. Prioritization, delegation, med calculations, none of that matters. You do get tested in every category but you don't know what kind of question is at what level. They are above and below the passing level in all formats and types.

    If you were a good student in school and the predictors indicated you'd pass, you probably did!

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    Quote from HouTx
    In my organization, PCT jobs include 'higher level' skills that are performed by CNAs. The PCT jobs are reserved for second year nursing students. They don't need any additional training to perform the job.
    I'm jealous. Where I work, if someone is able to fill out the application, has a pulse and a clean criminal record, they're hired. I consider myself very fortunate if a new hire has ever worked as a PCT (no certification) and downright ecstatic if the new hire is a CNA!

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    it's possible you failed and your card was declined because when attempting to make the charge, it was invalid info.

    It's also possible you passed and your card was declined because the registration program was attempting to verify your information and since it wasn't valid, it was rejected.

    Since you entered invalid info you can't be sure. If you put in valid info you do risk being charged (because that it was the program does). If you have failed the charge isn't a big deal because you'd need to do that anyway. But if you pass that charge sticks, no refunds.

    if you're in a state that has the quick results option, pay the eight bucks and find out for sure if you passed or not.

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    the short answer is no, you do not have the right to refuse to give medication that the provider has ordered and is appropriate for her diagnosis and condition. The longer answer is that if giving a medication isn't prudent for a specific reason, you need to address that reason. You can hold a narcotic, for instance, if the patient's vital signs, demeanor suggest that giving that medication would be dangerous. It is then your responsibility to notify the provider what the condition of this patient is, why you held the medication, and ask if he would like to change the current medication order. Sometimes decreasing the frequency is in order, sometimes lowering the dose or changing the medication entirely.

    You do not have the right to decide for yourself if the patient's pain warrants the medication that has been prescribed. Your job is to advocate for the best care for your patient, and that may mean a conversation with the provider on how to proceed going forward, but it is NOT to judge whether they "deserve" that medication.

    If you have concerns, address them with the prescribing provider, have your concerns heard, and then go from there.

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    Quote from sjdelgado1974
    Good Afternoon,

    If someone has obtained their ADN and BSN Degrees, however they are not a Registered Nurse yet, can they actually be called nurse?

    Thank you,
    The term "graduate nurse" is what is usually used to describe someone who has graduated from a school of nursing but has no license to practice (therefore, not an actual 'nurse').

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    Maybe this thread will help you, Drey. Same topic, lots of good responses.

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    you can check with nursing homes in your area to see if they would enroll you in a CNA course in exchange for working for them. That's not uncommon, but you do have to commit to working for that facility for a period of time or pay whatever the fee would be to leave before the end of the commitment.

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    most definitely talk to an attorney, and one that specializes in divorce law. Probably not in your best interest to take the advice of unknown people on a message forum in something as important as this, if the unknown people are wrong and you act on that advice it could turn out very badly for you. Good luck!

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    Quote from Scottishtape
    I liked this, and then unliked it just so I could like it again.
    LOL I think you just won the Internet today!

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    Have no doubt that this Administration will be one for the history books, talked about WELL into the future. Infamy has a way of doing that!

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    For those who are following this supposed crime wave in Sweden, pointing to rape around every corner, you might find this interesting.
    What President Trump gets wrong about immigrants and crime in Sweden - Vox

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    Quote from Adah30
    Hello guys ,thank you for y'll prayer anyway so I took my nclex on test today and it took me to the end maximum score 205 question .Im not really sure if I passed or not yet since I just took it this afternoon and I just finished but I I have a question how likely is it to pass with the max question and if you answered the last question right???any idea?please continue pray for me as I am anxiously waiting for my result.Thank you
    The number of questions don't matter. Getting the last question on the maximum number right or wrong doesn't matter. All you can do at this point is stay positive, try to find something else to do to take your mind off of it for a while before you get the results. Don't do that stupid pvt, it never seems to make anyone less anxious and if anything makes them more anxious if they think they failed and they actually passed. Stay away from it. Fingers crossed for you!

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    Quote from elkpark
    Actually, the $100,000 (which has been doubled to $200,000 since the inauguration) is only a one-time initiation fee when you initially join. The annual membership fee is only a modest $14,000 a year, plus the requirement that you spend a minimum of $2,000 a year on food and drinks.
    We'll it's a bargain lol!!