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    Soon To Be Nurse, YOU were the one who said nurses in your country get paid little more than minimum wage, not me. That doesn't indicate to me that nurses are considered valuable at all, but hey, not for me to judge. You live there, not me.
    Regarding national origin, since it is relevant, I was assuming by your user ID that you are in New Zealand, but since you are writing like someone who uses English as a second language, maybe I am incorrect? If English is not your native language, then you write rather well, if English is your first language, maybe not so much.

    Regardless, it is clear to me that you and I will need to agree to disagree. I stand by my comments that one does not need to be "passionate" about or "called to" a job to do it well, even exceptionally well. One needs to be competent. I stand by my comment that other people's judgment as to how anyone else should FEEL about a job using their own meter stick is wrong. Nursing 101 tells us to not judge somebody else's reasons for motivation as good or bad, only to accept that they are motivated.

    You do you, I'll do me, and to each his own!

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    Quote from CNAbutLPN2be2017
    You're right! This whole thing has me bent out of shape. Especially since I only got 85 questions! I either nailed it or bombed the heck out of it!
    Hey that's my line LOL! I'm betting you nailed it :-)

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    Quote from akulahawkRN
    After about 24 hours, if you're getting the "good popup" then the chances that you have actually passed start increasing. However, you cannot count on it because it is very possible that your exam hasn't been scored for the second, definitive time. That should occur before 48 hours as that's when the system offers the quick results. I doubt they'll run two parallel systems where people that live in a "quick results" state run within 48 hours and "non-quick results" states do their final scoring "whenever" but before a state requires a result. Therefore my recommendation is that if you live in a QR state, just wait the 48 hours and you'll know for sure and not put $200 at risk every time you try it and it's going to be "more official" than the "popup" method.

    That being said, I obtained my "official results" about 35 hours after my exam because I received my license numbers from the State of California (non QR state).
    The NCSBON says that the NCLEX grading, both sets of scores, are completed within 24 hours. It has nothing to do with the 48-hour mark that Pearson Vue's Quick Results become available at. Whatever is going to happen at hour 24 is going to be the same as hour 30. But since people are talking about the PVT, a registration game of chance, it has no basis in much else other than probability. Probably the registration program won't let someone who has passed register again. And sometimes it does. And probably someone who has failed will not be prevented from registering, but if they try to register too early, before the 24 hour mark is here, that can happen. After that 24 hour window, if someone still cannot register, there is a reason for it. And it's a good one.

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    If your school is accredited by any agency it's going to be somewhere on your school's website. That's not something to hide, it's something to brag about, so shouldn't be hard to find. If it isn't there, it doesn't matter what you think someone told you.

    Unfortunately your options may be pretty limited, some employers won't take graduates of programs that don't have regional or national accreditation. You're going to have to go the extra mile to find one that does

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    seems to be a rarity to have you unable to register for an exam at this point and still fail. One thing is for sure, if you are relying on a registration glitch to give you insight as to whether you passed, if you keep attempting to pay the nice people at Pearson Vue, don't be surprised if one of them goes through and the glitch is on you!

    Go do something fun. Stop punching numbers on your phone. You probably passed.

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    I have always rechecked a Dynamap (or whatever brand) with a manual cuff if I think the reading is off-kilter. I simply don't trust the machine to be accurate 100%of the time when medication decisions are hanging on that reading. If the reading is as expected I let it go, all good. If the reading is not what I expect for whatever reading, I grab a manual cuff.

    Most of the time, nearly all the time, the reading on the machine is correct, or close enough to make it recordable. Rare occasions it's not and then I was glad to do it myself.

    Heaven help us the day they stop teaching students how to get a manual BP reading because "we have machines for that now"!

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    Quote from Ted
    It's unbelievable that President Trump (cough, cough) would compare T.V. ratings generated by him to ratings generated by the coverage of "9/11".
    let's see, trump's press secretary managed to describe Syria's Assad as being worse than Hitler because Hitler "didn't use chemical weapons"; when reminded about the atrocities of the freaking gas chambers he tried to backpeddle in a horrifically inept manner, saying "he didn't use them on his own people". Yeah, that's way better, thanks for clarifying. Pretty sure all those German Jews thought they were citizens of Germany. Maybe then using poison gas on the Poles was ok?? Just "Yikes!"

    My point is simply that this Administration's insensitivity is utterly limitless.

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    Quote from Ted
    It's unbelievable that President Trump (cough, cough) would compare T.V. ratings generated by him to ratings generated by the coverage of "9/11". I must admit, though, that I'm guilty of watching him JUST to see and hear how freakishly foolish he presents himself "on stage". It's almost become an addicting game for me: "How bad will Trump's lying and ranting be this time?!?" (. . . as I sit in front of the television set, mesmerized). And then I think to myself, "People STILL support this guy!! How?!? HOW?!?"
    Since 39% of the population that responded to the most recent poll is in favor of Trump all I can guess is that they just aren't paying attention. If you aren't following the news you might still manage to be oblivious to it. Because most people who ARE paying attention have a problem with this farce.

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    Quote from FolksBtrippin
    We could always just stop killing people. Just sayin.
    True. And we could just stuff more and more murderers into overcrowded prisons and give them great healthcare and education and entertainment for the rest of their miserable lives.

    Nah. I'd rather not. Just sayin'

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    People can sit on Death Row for 10, 20, 25 years, with the average length of time being about 15 years. If there is a concern that medications expire before they can be used I have a bang-up idea, how about executing those who have a death sentence within a REASONABLE time period? 20 years on Death Row seriously?

    The manufacturer of the drugs might not like their drugs being associated with executions but I don't particularly care how they feel about it, they are a producer of a drug that is legally sold and legally purchased. They don't mind making the money from it's production or they'd stop producing it. I don't believe they should be able to dictate who buys it and for what purpose as long as it's a legal transaction.

    I can't believe that inability to get a vein for IV access can be this big of a deal. How many of us have had the nearly-impossible stick for a patient with a history of IV drug abuse or co-morbids that make access very difficult? Yet we get them done, sometimes with a Doppler if you have that ability and sometimes with someone who is just THAT.GOOD at IVs. Surely with the kind of lead time they have for an execution the facility can locate a single human being (or two or three for backups) with this ability?

    There are enough valid options for drugs and methods that kill people. Tussling over whether it's slightly uncomfortable or very uncomfortable is just too much IMHO, they are being executed as capital punishment for goodness' sake they aren't patients who are going to live through this procedure and complain about the staff not being concerned enough about their wellbeing! Yes it should be as comfortable as possible, that's humane. But if the medication burns when it goes in, or requires two or three different drugs with different routes to accomplish I think in the grand scheme of things it's ok. I'm not advocating for cruelty when it can be easily avoided. I do think that we should be remembering that execution isn't about patient care, it's about the carrying out of justice (and if you don't believe it's justice I can respect that but that's a different discussion!).

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    Affordability of preventive care for everyone. To me, it doesn't have to be an insurance issue so much as a question of why we can't make basic preventive care affordable in and of itself. The cost of "going to the doctor" unless you're dying keeps far too many people away

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    Something else popped into my head. Remember when trump announced (any of the times he announced) that he would take no pay as President? That he would be giving all of it back? People loved that he was declaring himself so rich and apparently so dedicated to serving the American People that he would be doing it for free.

    Except he hasn't. After he had received the first two paychecks, some press person or other asked about it, got a mumbly response. In simple terms, NO, he hadn't returned the money and NO he wasn't going to. But I bet his Fan Club has forgotten that followup. They remember the lie but not the reality.

    How about the one in which he repeatedly bashed Obama for taking time away from the White House, going golfing, both for personal vacation time and working vacations? Trump stated multiple times that he "would never leave" the White House", that he had no need to, he'd be working so hard for the American People. Yeah, ok.

    Except he has spent every weekend since taking office at his resort in Florida. At taxpayer expense, he is flown along with his entourage to Maralago, used to be Fridays to Sundays and then it increased to Thursdays through Sundays. So much for having so much work to do and being so frugal with "OUR" money that he would be staying at the White House.

    I can't swear to this, I'm going off a memory, but I believe he's already logged more time away in his first three months than Obama did in his entire term.

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    Quote from amoLucia
    Oh well. 100 days and counting. That leaves 1360 to go.
    Elizabeth Warren was quoted as saying (not exact quote here) that "we are at 90 days with this President, and OMG it's like dog years or something"!

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    Anyone catch trump's speech, alongside the Italian Prime Minister? The one in which he lauded praise on the Italians for everything from having beautiful cities to beautiful singers, and named Pavarotti. That sounds good, right? Except that instead of sticking to the damned speech that was written for him, he ad-libbed "Pavarotti, a friend of mine, a great friend of mine". Problem was that not only was the famed tenor NOT a "great friend", Pavarotti was known to detest him while he was ALIVE.

    Pavarotti died ten years ago. His family requested that Trump stop using his music on the campaign trail (without permission) because of trump's huge (YUGE!!) difference on views of humanity from Pavarotti's. They wanted no connection.

    Another guy who is deceased that Trump didn't know was gone. Only this time he claimed a great friendship with the deceased. If he had only stuck to the speech lol!

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    Quote from amoLucia
    Lil Nel - he is good at making money. Albeit off of others, at their risk, and unknown to us about his taxes. And he doesn't seem to lose money.

    Of course, how would we ever know?
    I forget, was it three times that he had to declare bankruptcy, or four? I think he knows how to lose money, and other people's money, very well. I think personally that the main reason he doesn't want his tax returns scrutinized is because we'd all know he earns A LOT LESS than what he claims, that his expenses are so great that he doesn't have even close to what he claims to have at his disposal. He has claimed the STAR tax exemption in New York for several (many?) years. That exemption can only be claimed by those whose income falls below the half-million mark. To be the bigwig he claims he'd have to earn a lot more than that to be considered a Player.

    So which is true, that he rightfully deserves the STAR tax exemption because his income is low enough that it allows that tax break, or is he getting tax breaks he is not entitled to because he earns millions each year (as he claims)? His daughter and her hubby have an annual income of somewhere around 8 million if I remember right. Surely he isn't going to want it known that he makes millions LESS than them, if that's the case.