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    Quote from canoehead
    We do it all the time in the ER with full knowledge of the pharmacy. They get enough to make it through til their script can be filled.
    We did that in my ED but it was a commercially pre-packaged dose card (we called them a 6 pack) of Vicodin that was labeled with instructions and the patient name. We stopped the practice when the police brought in a patient who was in possession of multiple 6 packs that patients had sold to him but had stupidly left the patient labels on them. Apparently the cards had a street value of $300 and this guy was dealing them. Of course the names were extremely familiar to us so those people were bummed when all they got in the future was Tylenol.

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    Quote from klone
    I guess I just don't agree that there is a push for every nurse to be a leader. It's certainly misguided, if that's the case.
    I think I understand what he means. When discussing the current push for BSN the rationale I see most often is that without your BSN you can't go into management so it could appear that the push is also for management. I notice the same kind of things he does at my institution. Committee participation, charge, if you are an ADN you need your BSN, if you are a BSN you need your MSN, clinical ladder and the list goes on. I think it's great to have all these opportunities but sometimes it does get a bit much.

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    I have never in my 3 decade long career been brutal to a patient! I have done difficult and sometimes painful procedures but I have always, ALWAYS kept the fact that it is a human I'm caring for in the front of my mind. The term "brutality" implies an intent of causing harm and a level of malice that does not exist, outside of the occasional psychopath, in the arena of nursing. To describe what I do as "brutal" is insulting.

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    New poster. Two posts about the same thing. Never comes back to comment. This smacks of someone from the SDN having some fun riling up the nurses on AN. I think it warrants shutting this dumpster fire of a thread down.

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    The happiest nurses are the ones who have found their niche, a reasonable employer and a good work-life balance. It matters not the unit.

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    Quote from caliotter3
    Agree with this. She has threatened your livelihood. Don't let her get away with it. Furthermore, if you have legal representation, your employer will think twice about unjustly canning you.
    Especially because these are the kind of allegations that WILL follow you. I hope you can clear your name and when you do sue the pants off of her.

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    Quote from Ajean1203
    S As far as my friend complaining to others, that is not so. Others have complained to her or vent about it. All she tells folks is go higher up cause she can't do anything but she listens.
    Then tell her to stop listening to them. No good can come of her being their sounding board. This is for her own protection.

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    Get a lawyer.

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    You need to tell your friend to quit talking about this charge nurse with the other staff members. Mark my words, it's going to come back and bite her in the butt.

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    Yep and it was great. Using the mobile version on my iPhone is impossible. I'm sure they had their reasons but it was a hard loss for many of us.

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    Quote from CelticGoddess
    I'm sorry that you are going through this horror movie of a disease. And know that at least one person here understands!
    You know two.

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    1. Yes

    2. That depends on what system your facility has.

    3. It's not better or worse. Water seal is used when there is no longer an air leak (for pneumo) or drainage (for effusion). It is used in anticipation of pulling the chest tube.

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    Quote from ICUman
    No, I do not find it ironic. Nor do I categorize her comments as "mean". I agree with most of the content. The only thing I personally would change is "most nurses", to "some nurses". That's my experience, maybe hers has been different.
    Specifically calling out individual posters is neither productive nor kind. Her post would have been just fine without it. So, yes, I find it mean.

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    Quote from BSNbeauty
    Please tell me I'm not the only one who find your post unnecessary and irrelevant.
    Proving my point.

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    Quote from BSNbeauty
    I understand how you feel OP. When I was in nursing school over 10 years ago I posted a thread very similar to yours. Back then I was under the user name "nursing student 19" ( just in case you're interested in the thread ) .
    Anyway , I had the same responses from all nurses. Every nurse on this site ( specifically rubyv and green tea) berated me and callled me judgemental and they all said "come talk to me when you actually have some experience". Or they would say "walk a mile in my shoes".
    Well guess what?! Ive been a nurse going on 10 years now, and have walked many miles in their shoes and I still feel the same way as I did 10 years ago. Many bedside nurses are rude, nasty, disrespectful, and mean to their patients, coworkers, and peers. I've seen it and witnessed it . It is not right and I have chosen not to participate in it. I have also reported some nurses in some cases.
    My advice to you is to be yourself. Pick and choose your battles. To answer your question, yes this is the norm.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this post ironic? Calling out "mean" nurses by being, you know, mean.