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  • Feb 18 '13

    Quote from newgradchad
    I've been working for roughly a year and some months now on a very busy telemetry unit. Nurse to patient ratio is 1:6 and we get LVAD and heart/lung transplant patients/candidates. This is my first job and I started here as a new grad. It's been a great learning experience so far, but can't help feeling so miserable. I do believe that it's the environment, and not so much nursing, that's making me feel miserable, but let me tell you my story.

    When I first started, it was very stressful but I slowly began to get used to the load and didn't mind going to work so much. Recently this telemetry unit just transformed into a split telemetry/step down unit. With that transformation came a new group of nurses, a new manager, and a new director. Our tele ANMs were no longer the ANMs, the ICU nurses were and they manage their assignments completely different from how our ANMs did. Within weeks the new manager quit because she couldn't handle the stress, well that's the rumor at least. So we currently have no manager and more often than not I'm getting 7 patients instead of 6. We're not adequately staffed and assignments are based on location and not acuity. I love my coworkers, but don't agree with the way things are running. The team dynamics aren't the same compared to when I first started. It seems like I have no support. Anyway i was able to find a new job on a Cardiac Step Down unit because a smaller patient ratio would allow me to really learn more. I feel as though I'm going about this the right way but I really can't help but feel so miserable with my life. I feel as though nursing is not for me and that I'm doing the things that I just need to do and not so much what I want to do. I never had a favorite unit in nursing school nor does any particular unit interest me know. I'm about to get my ACLS and start a new career on a cardiac step down unit but is this what i really want? i can't help but constantly think about quitting nursing altogether and going back to school to get another undergrad degree in something else that could be more enjoyable, less stressful, and does not include the lives of other people in my hands. I don't believe there are enough good to balance out the bad in nursing. I think if I had known what nursing was really like, I would've never gone into the field.

    Any words of encouragement or honesty? I'd appreciate it.

    I just became an RN about 2 weeks ago. I was an LPN for 3.5 years working at a clinic. I am able to stay on there as an RN, also and there is room for advancement-nursing supervisor which they offered me and I accepted.

    Now... The pay isnt great compared to what some of my classmates are making at the hospital. But for me I have less anxiety and stress.....just think.... no nights, weekends, or holidays, matter of fact I get the days off on a holiday with pay! And "ok" pay is good enough for me and I actually like my job and dont dread getting up for it in the morning.

    So my point is... I would not give up in nursing all together you have worked so hard to get there! Why throw it all away, just change your scenery...that is the beauty of nursing there is so much you can do. May be its time to get out of the hospital?? Because more $ does not always = more happiness. I know some people say your not doing real nursing if your not in a hospital. But nursing is nursing to me. I still get to use the nursing process, do procedures, and gives shots, and medications. I will not get to utilize all my skills of course. But I did not like the hospital even at clinicals. So for me even though I would make more money, I would not be as happy with my job as I am now. But later on down the line I might give the hospital setting a try and see what happens. Good luck with your decisions about your future.

  • Feb 4 '13

    nights in a row i dont work out. that might be 4 nights in a row sometimes or more. if i am off i work out 1-2 hrs those nights. just no way i am working out after or before work and getting enough sleep to function