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    I've always worked in private duty which doesn't pay much to begin with, so no I've never been tempted to over spend. Have I bought crap I don't need? Sure. Who hasn't?

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    I wish nurses still wore caps and dresses. I went to a Catholic school for my LPN program and we had to wear caps and light blue aprons/pinafores to clinicals. I loved it! This was only a few years ago.

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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    I'm eight years in and feeling no burnout, but I've never felt spiritual or emotional about my work.
    You're a lemon tree! Of course you don't feel spiritual or emotional burn out!

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    No way were you wrong! You did what you felt the person left in your care needed and it was justified. Your coworker sounds like *****! Don't ever agree to do any favors for her again.

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    If you've already explained the reasons to the patient why they need to be turned every 2 hours and they still refuse, document it and speak to the charge nurse or management about it. Maybe the doctor can speak to the patient about it and try to convince them?

    You can't force them to do anything, and if you turn them without their consent that could be considered battery.

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    A VNS magnet perhaps? Although that would more likely be at the bedside of the patient...

    My patient has one (I do private duty nursing). The kiddo I take care of has it to control seizures. There's a device implanted in her chest that's connected to a nerve (for the life of me I can't remember which nerve) and when she has a seizure, you swipe the magnet across her chest.

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    I can't imagine all the residents enjoy them either. Imagine being confined to your bed and unable to communicate that your neighbor's essential oils are bothering you. That's just awful.

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    Use a 10 mL syringe. If you don't have that, use 2 syringes.

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    A lot of hospitals in the US seem to only want BSN's, which is part of the problem in my opinion. They've shot themselves in the foot by getting rid of all the LPN's, and discouraging ADN RN's from applying.

    But they still complain about the nursing shortage. 😂

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    I've never had to go before the board, and I hope I never have to.

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    Quote from OsceanSN2019
    I was not teaching anything to the charge nurse as I was just shadowing her. Plus, I did all what she wanted me to do. And you are very rude. I guess the saying is true that nurses do eat their young...
    There was nothing rude about what she said. It sounds like you can't take any form of criticism, but are ready to dish it out.

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    Nope. I do private duty with peds patients, and none of the kids I ever took care of had any illnesses or diseases that could be transferred to me.

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    Yes. In nursing school, I was the only white student.

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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    I'm sure that is the case. It is hard to see racism when you (general) are not the target. Like I haven't seen anti-Semitism but then again, I'm not Jewish. Doesn't mean it isn't there. I also haven't experienced homophobia or Islamophobia, but I am not gay or Muslim. Doesn't mean such discrimination doesn't exist.

    I get tired of having to defend my experiences against so-called colored-blind people who live in some surreal kumbaya state where racism and every other ism doesn't exist. It does.

    As for wanting special treatment, I don't want that nor would I be comfortable receiving it. I just want to be treated like everyone else and not feel like an island of a person.
    off topic, but I've been trying to PM you to respond to your last PM, but it says your mailbox is full!

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    OP, no job is worth feeling miserable about every day. Look for another position that you think you would be better suited to. Don't think you have to "stick it out" just because others say you should. Your happiness and mental wellbeing are more important than a job that makes you unhappy!