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I have been on my floor for a year, I promised myself I would give it that long no matter what. It's a hard floor med surg w/ oncology, head & neck / ENT and palliative beds- a good mix of med and... Read More

  1. by   iluvivt
    A great team is far more important than the workload. The workload gets done much easier because of the good team. You can go to a floor with an easier patient load but because of the lack of teamwork or one or two toxic people it becomes a nightmare. So stay!
  2. by   Nurse ABC
    I once read that job satisfaction was rated much higher no matter how crappy the job if you enjoyed the people you work with. I would much rather work with those that had my back anyday no matter how hard.
  3. by   INparrothead
    I agree with staying. I've been pulled to the "easier" floors and the nights are horrible just because the nurses and aides don't interact. That being said, there are some nights I walk onto my unit, see who's on the schedule, and just shake my head. But when the team is good, everything else goes ok, no matter how crazy the pts are.
  4. by   NurseLatteDNP
    No, I would not.

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