Looks like I will be joining the ranks! Looks like I will be joining the ranks! | allnurses

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Looks like I will be joining the ranks!

  1. 0 I received a job offer today on a general med/surge/oncology unit! Are there any tips/tricks/good reads I should invest in?

    I don't start till 6/10 and graduate on 5/3!!
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    Congrats! Focus on graduating and passing the NCLEX.
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    I agree, focus on graduating and the NCLEX. Congratulations!
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    Here as an advice from an 'old' med-surg/oncology/renal nurse. When you get started, I recommend using a worksheet or a to-do list. There are so many new things you will be learning and so many tasks you will be doing, having a worksheet will help you milti-task.
    Good luck.