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I don't know about any of you, but my med-surg floor is overrun with pts who got bit by a spider and developed cellulitis (sometimes, really bad cases) and since I'm new, is that something that's seasonal or is it just a fluke? ... Read More

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    I think spiders get a bad rap (BTW I hate spiders). Sure spider bites cause cellulitis but so do a million other things. Spiders seem to be the easiest to blame. The easier dx for doctors to use and insurance companies to believe.

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    Me too, Dutch............I mean I really, really, REALLY hate spiders!! I can hardly bear to watch that one crawling across the screen!!!!!!!! I'm not phobic about many things---enclosed spaces and heights are my only other bugaboos---but spiders just completely freak me out. It's not just that I've had a couple of bad experiences with 'em; I have been known to watch the movie "Arachnophobia" with my eyes shut. I also have been known to consider borrowing the neighbor's shotgun to kill a spider that was hanging on my front door, taunting me. It's embarrassing---how childish can an almost-50-year-old be??---but I can't help it!
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    Knowing that the animated digital spider is completely fake...it still has the power to freak me out too!
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    Quote from mjlrn97
    Caution: what appears as cellulitis from 'spider bites' can often be MRSA, especially in younger adults with questionable hygiene and a drug habit (e.g. meth use). I've seen too many cases where people claim they got bitten by spiders, when the real cause was skin-popping. Obviously spider bites CAN cause cellulitis---I've had one on an arm and the other on a leg that caused nasty cases of it---but MRSA cellulitis from other causes can resemble spider bites, and further investigation may be warranted.
    My thoughts exactly!
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    oh yes! I have so many MRSA spider bites right now it is crazy! I just thought it was the norm right now!
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    husband currently in hospital with 4th episode of cellulitis over about 7 or 8 years. with the first one, he was told it was a spider bite, and all the others have been the same - relatively sudden onset, with large patch of redness and swellling of lower extremity (never had upper extremity), so have assumed this was correct since then. If so, any treatment, such as allergy shots, etc., to prevent this?
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    It seems to be seasonal. Our floor right now is teeming with spider bites and snake bites. Of course, living in Georgia, I assume this is going to be the norm but I can tell you that we rarely see this in the fall and winter months.

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