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I work for a hospital here in Wyoming and we are about to switch to bedside reporting. So far, the process of the entire switch has not been enjoyable. Does anyone else do bedside reporting and can you help me better transition... Read More

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    The idea of bedside report is three fold.........One to get patient participation in their plan of care, secondly for the nurses to validate the report they are getting/giving and finally for the patient to know who is going to care for them. The little sidebar comments, i.e., the patient's daughter..... can be reserved for when you exist the room. Put yourself in the place of the patient, wouldn't you want to participate in your plan of care and know what's going on, wouldn't you want to know who's taking care of you and for the nurses, let me ask you many times have you been left with an infiltrated IV, or an empty bag of fluid. Give it a chance........I know change is difficult but don't resist it, you and the patient will gain from the experience.

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