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How do you all respond to this comment from patients? I work 7a-7p busy med surg, and have baby that wakes up several times a night. I can't help being tired, but these comments irritate me,... Read More

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    This was hard for me to learn when I first started working as a nurse. I was so used to doing everything around the house, (and so was my dear husband ). I finally just had to tell him that I needed his help, that I could not work three twelves in a row, and cook and clean when I got home too. After I asked, he has been awesome and helps out so much! Not to mention he is also a stay at home dad while he is finishing school. I think that sometimes it is hard for us to ask for help.

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    Quote from DeLana_RN
    Try working night shifts... three in a row, you are beyond tired. Especially if you can't sleep during the day. Hate, hate, hate nights - but I digress.

    My pts/families often tell me I'm sweating... well, it's because I'm running up and down this hall with too many patients, not enough help, etc etc. But we can't tell them that, now can we?

    Frankly, commenting on someone's appearance is never nice. But then again, they're only human
    It annoys me when they add in the " I didn't think you guys were so busy here, especially on nights."
    I have actually had a patient say "they run you here like scalded dogs"
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    Its so funny to me that it is acceptable to tell someone they look tired. It isn't acceptable to tell someone they look fat, or sloppy, or that they stink. It is also so funny that patients who are obese love to tell me how "skinny" I look. People are people, whichever side of the bed they are on.
    People have myriad reasons they try to sabotage someone elses state of mind. Patients can be just as cruel as some of the nasty nurses I work with. When i know I am looking rested, feeling good, and am in good shape because I go to the gym and ride my bicycle.....it always makes me laugh when a co-worker has to comment that I must be on steroids......just because you are in your fifties as I am......and are obese, and can barely walk the hallways without getting out of breath.......oh yeah....I must be the person who is messed up.....not you......
    Patients are probably just having human concern when they say we look tired. I often just say..."yes, I am...but I love my work and that is what keeps me going".....
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    respond with a smile. Anything you say will be held against you. And I hope you get your much-needed rest soon
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