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We had a resident discharge AMA after a 6 day stay. An ARD was chosen (day 8) but he left before it was reached. The nurses had done good documentation, good assessments, etc. The MDS nurse at the time missed doing the 5 day. ... Read More

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    We also have that agreement and also set the ARD on day of admit (we very rarely get sat, sun admits). So, this is a very complex issue. Also, for this resident, we had set an ARD of day 8, but he left AMA on day 6. So, still not sure what I should have done.
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    RAI Manual pg 3-30, first sentence, "When the resident dies or is discharged prior to the end of the observation period for a required assessment, the ARD must be adjusted to equal the discharge date." I bolded the 'must'. No decision making required.
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