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I am an mds co ordinator in a small rural facility in northwestern indiana. Recently our nursing consultation recommended that my care plan be more detailed in regards to side effects of psycotropic meds. She advised i should... Read More

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    I use a non-specific..."Medication and treatments as ordered. Monitor for effectiveness, side effect, and adverse reaction. Report as needed." The state didn't object to it on our survey since our CNAs reported that they report anything that is out of norm for our residents. The nurses reported that with this information, they know to watch for anything unusual and evaluate whether it needs to be reported to the doctor.
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    Isn't listing the side effects on the care plan a little redundant? The nurse's are monitoring for them during med pass. To list them on the care plan is silly. Plus, it is esentially useless information. To apease the consultant I might add an approach that states "report oversedation or an increase in anxiety to MD if noted." but not list the adverse effects of each medication.
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