advice on if mds position is a right fit

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    I need some advice. I currently work in a 71 bed LTC facility we have probably less than half as medicare. I work TWTH from 6a-6p. My work recently posted an MDS position and I applied, the job is m-f with no on-call/floor nursing (strictly mds), it sounds like at the moment I am at the front for the position. Problem I don't know if this is a good move. I am stressed as a floor nurse i have 30 patients and I worry all the time that something i do is not going to be right or i wont think of a solution in time to help a patient, it saddens me because so many people love being a nurse and i just havent gotten there. Next stressor giving up my current schedule for the unknown mds job. Here is a little bit about me. I was a straight A student/ocd and type A personality, I stress over everything and need advice as to if you think the mds job would be a good fit or if i should just stick out floor nursing. Thank you for any advice

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    OCD?? Type A?? Sounds like a good fit for the world of MDS. You need to be detail oriented and be able to work under a deadline.
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    I was thinking exactly the same thing!
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    Give MDS a try, you can always go back to the floor.
    I like MDS work but it is stressful, in its own way...since it's all about the money.
    Good MDS Coordinators are detail oriented, most I know are type A Personalities!
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    Do you have any experience herding feral cats? That's always a plus as well.

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