Welcome nurses from Massachusetts!

  1. Although I live in New York, I commute just 30 miles to work in one of the smallest hospitals in Massachusetts as an ICU/CCU nurse. It's small. . . it's really, really, really small! Why just the other day there were four patients in the entire hospital!

    And there was one day when there was only one patient!

    I love working here. Don't know how long the hospital will be able to keep its doors opens. But will stay there until I get the "pink slip".

    I also love Massachusetts! (Well, and New York, too!) I lived in Boston for 5 wonderful years where I attended Berklee College of Music. . . . oh so long ago. . . . over 20 years ago . . . . But it was a wonderful time for me. I love your mountains and your ocean seashores, and, of course, your people!

    Just want to say a warm hello to you all from one nurse who works in Massachusetts to another.

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  3. by   lpnbhw
    Hi Ted,
    Nurse from ma. Ive been working in geri for about 14 years.
    12 yrs as a cna until my lumbar started acting up (ouch). I was then given the option of finding a new career or become a nurse which is physically less harmfull. so took the nurses roll and been for 2yrs now and lovin it I live in a small town in ma called webster. I currently work in a small nh in worcester as the 3-11 supervisor. Im so happy they have a site for nurses in our state. its so hard to talk about pay and law with other nurses especially when everything is so diffrent but, we are all here for the same reasons takeing care of the human soul.
    take care patty
  4. by   Mint Julip
    Hi Ted and lpnbhw

    Massachusetts born and bred! I live near the Southern NH border. I currently work med-surg and have been here for a little over a year. I started out in healthcare as a cna as well many, many moons ago.

    I was born in cambridge and lived there until I was a teenager. If you want to see some really beautiful mountains and oceans you have to visit Maine. I'm quite partial to Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park. Very beautiful state.

    Thank you for starting the state forums. It was a wonderful idea
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  5. by   PennyLane
    I lived in Boston for 3 years, does that count?
  6. by   Ted
    lpnbhw - Nice to meet you. I hope that we can support eachother as healthcare professionals in Massachusetts. Your right, though, when you said that "we are all here for the same reasons taking care of the human soul"!

    Mint Julip - I LOOOOOVE Maine! A real long time ago my family used to own a summer cottage on MacMahon Island, Maine which was located in the Sheepscott Bay area (near Bath, Maine). I've also travelled in the heart of Maine to a place called Rangley Lake (near Mooselookmyguntik Lake sp?). Just traveling to this area was a beautiful adventure.

    I love the whole North Eastern part of the United States including the whole New England area and New York. I hope to stay in this area for a long time. . . . just because of the beauty. (But I've also traveled to other parts of the United States, too. Truly, there's beauty to be found almost anywhere in this vast country!)

    Mel D - Where abouts in Boston did you live??? I lived in the Fenway area. This was back when a one room apartment went for $350.00 per month! Those same type of small apartments now go for around $1,500.00/month!!!!

    I lived in Boston from 1978 to 1983. Like I said before in past posts, I hold those years to be dear to my heart. Boston rocks! When did you live in Boston?

    Cheers, folks!

  7. by   PennyLane
    Ted - I lived in Boston from Jan. 1998 - Jan. 2001. I lived in Oak Square (Brighton, very close to Newton) in a small 2 br for $825. My landlord never raised the rent while I was there. After we moved out he rented it to two guys for $1350 without making any improvements! Not quite as big a jump in the rents where you lived, but still....

    I worked for a couple of years at John Harvard's Brew House in Harvard Square. Then I was hired at an internet company in Woburn (aka "Woobin"). It was an up-and-coming tech area when I left to move back home to Baltimore.
  8. by   ragingmomster
    Wow, feeling a little left out that I have never lived in Bean-town. Been in MA all my life though, right now I am up near Newburyport. I work on a medical floor in a <200 bed hospital and pick up per diem hours at the county jail. LPN working on my BSN (3 semesters to go) but won't discuss my GPA out of modesty (but you could ask!). LOL!!!!! Great to hear from you all~
  9. by   Mint Julip
    Wow, it's been a very long time since I visited Newburyport. We used to go fishing off of Plum Island years ago. Another great coastal town.

    What is correctional facility nursing like? I thought about applying at the house of corrections in Middleton at one point, but my husband was concerned and asked me not to so of course I didn't.

    Are you attending Salem State for the BSN? I have considered applying to their LPN-BSN program. It seems to be a very good well balanced program from what I have read.

    So raging, what exactly is your GPA hmm??
  10. by   ragingmomster
    We live very close to PI and go frequently.

    I actually work in Middleton, this setting gives an LPN lots of autonomy. I have learned tons there. Much different than the geri and geri-psych I had been doing for the previous 8 years, Corrections is not for the faint of heart. You must have a strong backbone to avoid being taken advantage of.

    SSC's LPN to BSN is working well for me. I started in 99, taking 1 class per semester and started going full time last semester because the program requires it when you get to the clinical portions. I also had a few credits from my first time at college in the late eighties. I can PM you more thoughts on the program if you liike.

    Let's just say my GPA will get me into the nursing honor society next semester, but wasn't good enough for junior year admission!
  11. by   Ted
    ragingmomster - Good to hear from you! Never heard of Newburyport.

    Congrats on your GPA! Three more semesters to go! Hoot! Hoot!

  12. by   Berta
    Hi Gang,
    I'll hop on this thread too...I'm located south of Brockton..
    Headed down to plymouth today, what a glorious day it was. Going back to the beach tomorrow.

    Glad to meet all the other MA people.
  13. by   Mint Julip
    ragingmomster - Yes, please do pm me. That would be great and much appreciated. Congrats on the rockin' gpa!

    Hi Berta
  14. by   butterfly12

    I live in Medford, Ma I am 22 and I am currently enrolled in a CNA program and I plan on applying to Nursing schools for RN in Sept.04. I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice, some names of schools that would be of my best interest in getting the best education. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks