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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

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    UMB is my alma mater too.

    That's the route I'm going to take. I'll be quitting my corporate job in a few months to study pre-reqs full time and CNA. At the same time apply to various schools.

    From these boards, it sounds like most everyone has perfect grades/scores etc. how were you able to differentiate yourself to get into MGHIP and Simmons? Perhaps in the essays and reco?

    Also, I wonder if they look at your resume. I think a resume should be a key tool to assess someone's potential to succeed.

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    I would include your resume. Although, during my interview they hadn't even looked at it. I was a CNA throughout college and then quit when I graduated because I just didn't make enough for it to be a full time profession. They asked why I left the healthcare industry after that. This led me to believe they didn't read my resume since every job I have had since graduating has been in the healthcare industry. It sounds like everyone has very different experiences with the interview etc, so better to include it just in case. Has anyone received anything yet? On 3/1 my status changed and said a decision has been made and it would be mailed out within 14 business days. Getting anxious!
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    I had an interview on the 28th and I'm pretty sure mine was only 15-20 min as well. The interviewer helped make me feel comfortable though and I just let her know how excited I was at the idea of the program and how exciting I thought nursing was as a profession.I think she only asked me 3-4 straightforward questions as well...and when I first walked out I felt like it had gone pretty well, but then I started to think and I was a little worried since it was so short...I felt like when I went home I remembered a thousand things I should have said...but on Tuesday March 5th I received my acceptance letter in the mail, which was dated the 29th of feb. I just about lost my mind on my front porch when I saw the big envelope waiting for me! It was a short interview but I think that's okay if you get down to the point and the heart of the questions they ask, so don't be too worried.

    For anyone else waiting to interview who's nervous, don't be! Easier said than done, right? I know. Interviews always make me a nervous, but with a little cognitive conditioning and looking at it from a different perspective I think really helps. I think the most important thing to remember in these interviews is if you have been invited to one, it's a really good sign. All of us here know how bad we want this; we've made it through the application process, which we also all know was stressful enough, so making it to the interview stage should put your mind at ease...because it means out of all the applicants (ive heard upwards of 700...) they already see you as a good fit...remember that! They already like you, otherwise they wouldn't want to meet you! It's more of a check and balance type thing...They want to get to know you and figure out if you're really up for the challenge of the program and make sure you're not the kind who will flake out after a month of the program. Look at it as an opportunity for them to get to know YOU, not just your application or gpa, because they already know that stuff, they want to know the person from the application. As cliche as it sounds, "be yourself" really applies here. Relax, and breathe, and sloooooow doooooown is also really helpful because I know how nervous I was but also how excited too. Just breathe and clear your brain for each question and slow down your words as much as you can so you can think and say what you need to and you'll do great!!

    Best of luck to all, and I can't wait to meet the rest of you!
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    Congratulations cmm115 thats great news!
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    I had an interview on Monday and I'm now playing the waiting game again.
    The lady who interviewed me said that letters would go out by the end of this fingers crossed.

    Congrats cmm115!
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    congratulations, cmm115!

    i also had my interview on monday. my online status changed today and now reads as follows:
    [color=#3a3a3a]a decision has been made regarding your application. you will receive formal notice in the mail within 14 business days. thank you for your interest in attending the university of massachusetts boston.

    fingers crossed here too and good luck to everyone![color=#3a3a3a]

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    cmm- did your status change online before you got your letter in the mail?
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    Thanks everyone!

    I don't know if my status changed online before I got my letter, I stopped checking there after they received all my application materials because a lady in admissions told me it wouldn't say if you were accepted or not, just "a decision has been made."
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    Congrats!! Were your grades really good, 4.0? Even though I think my interview went pretty well I know my grades aren't perfect so I don't know what to expect!

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