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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

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    For those that haven't heard anything yet, don't lose hope! I just got a phone call today: interview on Monday!

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    Quote from TREndzetta
    maybe i'll try again next yr or something.. Applying to Nursing School is so draining!!!
    Ditto to cwrn in that you should keep trying. I do know how draining it is. This is my second time around applying to get into a program (with hopefully better results than last year - fingers crossed.) There were a lot of tears shed by me last spring.

    If you reapply next year, they'll see you have persistence and dedication, and that should be a big plus for you.
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    Same here. I've been rejected from one school or another the past 2 years, and only got waitlisted at MGH this year. I send admissions an email this morning to check the time frame and they said everyone will know on or before March 20th. Thought I'd share that with everyone. Also, after I sent that, my status changed to :

    A decision has been made regarding your application. You will receive formal notice in the mail within 14 business days. Thank you for your interest in attending the University of Massachusetts Boston.

    Fingers crossed for everyone.
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    I was surprised to get a phone call yesterday for an interview. I'm going on Tuesday 3/'s not over yet!
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    Did people who got calls also get follow up emails? I got a call for an interview, but never received the follow up email that was supposed to tell me the details about room location etc.
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    Yes, I received the follow-up email. When is your interview? Do you still need that info? PM your email address to me and I can forward it to you.
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    Hi. Can anyone who has already had their interview offer any helpful tips or suggestions? This will be my first "professional interview" so I do not know exactly what to expect. How formal was it? (I'd prefer not to show up over dressed and definitely do not want to be under dressed). Also, how long did your interview last? Any insight is appreciated! Thank you
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    The interview is pretty casual. I'd stay away from jeans - look business casual so they know you're taking it seriously. I met with two of the faculty and they were very nice, however it didn't seem like either of them had read my application yet. They asked about my financial situation and if I had thought about the impact that this program might have. They wanted to know if I had considered the traditional route, and asked me to explain why I want to go the accelerated instead. They asked about where I lived, and what type of support system I had financially, for studying and for 'recreation'. I think ultimately they just wanted to see how prepared you are to take on the program and if you've truly thought it through. They also want to know where you see yourself in 5 years, why nursing, and what specialty you may be interested in. My interview lasted about 30-40 minutes.

    It's a casual atmosphere - we met in the faculty lounge. You'll do great. Just make sure you have all your reasons you want to be a nurse, and really make sure you are able to show that you understand the rigor of the program - both academically and financially. If you want to be a nurse bad enough, just speak from the heart!

    Good luck!
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    Hmm that's interesting cwrn1. My interview was different. It was with one of the professors the one teaching the summer course and we had it in her office. She asked me a lot about what it means to be a nurse and the role of a nurse in addition to the questions you were asked. It only last maybe 15 minutes. Does anyone else have interviews this week? I thought today was the last day, but I'm not positive. I hope all your interviews went well.
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    Thanks cwrn! You helped put my nerves at ease as i was a bit nervous. Still, my interview was a lot different. The interviewer had three questions for me to answer but somehow my interview lasted almost an hour. The man interviewing me was really nice though. Goodluck everyone!

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