Should a New Grad RN consider a staffing agency? - page 2

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hi all!!! its always been my passion :redbeathe to have a career in nursing! i a new grad rn-bsn. i am getting frustrated that i cannot find any jobs. all the places i have applied to require 1 or 2 years experience working as... Read More

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    have you tried kindred? their posts say "1 year experience is recommended", that is like an open invitation
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    Is it even possible to work as an RN for a staffing/nursing agency as a new grad RN? Whereas most seem to shun the idea, I would LOVE to be an agency nurse. I doubt I'll find work otherwise in the Boston/Eastern Mass area, when I graduate in '13. It seems like an ideal situation for my personality type, I don't really need benefits at the moment, and I've read the pay is excellent.