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Nursing homes pay??

  1. 0 Just wondering what the average nursing home salary for an RN is in the Boston area.&nbsp; I'm a new grad having a hard time finding a job and thinking about starting to apply to nursing homes in the area.<br>Thanks for any help!
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    It depends......have you thought about an LTAC? or long term acute care.?
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    I second Esme...LTAC will give you great experience! I just started at one a few weeks ago and already I've learned a ton.

    Nursing homes in this area don't pay much...I was quoted by two within 10 miles of Boston...between $23 and $24 an hour for a new grad ASN. My fellow new hires who had BSN made 50 cents more in some cases.
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    I was quoted $27/hr starting as an RN with 5 yrs experience in psych but none in acute or LTC. This is less than 5 miles outside of Boston. Is this reasonable??
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    Yes......that's about right.
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    Would it be appropriate to ask for more ($30 or 31)? I make a little over $34 full time and have another PD job where I make $40
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    I have applied to some LTACs but haven't heard back yet. Do those generally pay better than nursing homes/assisted livings?
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    Yes.....Have you applied to the LTAC in Peabody??? They pay well but you will work your legs off.
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    We start new grads out at $24-25. With experience and shift diff, the staff nurses are making closer to $30.I can't find enough experienced nurses to work. I love new grads but I can't have a whole building full of them.