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Hi everyone, If anyone has any questions regarding the direct entry program at Northeastern University please feel free to ask. I am a first year student and I am enjoying the program very much. ... Read More

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    Hi Jennahbee! My name is Carolyn and at this point have pretty much decided I'm going to NEU. SO EXCITED!! Are you from the Boston area? I'm currently living in Cambridge but am planning to move closer to NEU in the Fall.
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    I received my acceptance letter on Monday. So excited!
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    I will also be attending Northeastern in the fall! Can't wait!
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    that's fantastic news everyone! I just sent in my deposit check to NEU last wk and am very excited! Carolyn - I also live in Cambridge (Harvard Sq area). I'd love to get together at some point with who ever is interested! Not sure how these forums work, or if it's safe to share personal info, but my email is . feel free to get in touch! Looking forward to September!!
    - Jennah
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    MGH vs NEU.... assuming people in this chat chose NEU, just wondering your reasons why vs MGH program.

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    I just got accepted off the waitlist and will be attending NEU in the fall. For people moving closer, is anyone interested in getting an apartment together? Is there a facebook or yahoo group or any discussion I can join to talk about this?

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    Is there anyone out there that was accepted for January 2013? i am so psyched. Four prereqs and I'm in. I got a conditional acceptance. Assuming I do well on the prereqs, I start January. I have to take Nutrition, Developmental Psych, Chemistry, and Statistics. I am from Rhode Island. Anyone from RI or Southeastern Mass - ?