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Hi Everyone, I got accepted into the Online Direct Entry Nursing Program at Northeastern University and will be starting in Spring 2013. I'm nervous, but very excited to start a new chapter in my... Read More

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    Would you guys be interested in starting a Facebook group so that we will be able to recognize each other when we go to Preparation Day? Facebook is more accessible for me throughout the day than Let me know your thoughts and I'd be glad to make a group

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    I'll join. =)
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    I've been trying to create the group, but I can't because I don't have members to invite to it Hopefully after our Preparation Day we'll all find out each others names so we can make the group.
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    Ok, that works for me. =)
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    Hi there, I am also fom Cali and like you am nervous to move but also excited to start the nursing program. I am also wondering if there is a website for our cohort so please keep me updated.
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    Hello All,
    I am thinking about applying for this program soon- I was just wondering if any of you knew if it is possible to just do the BSN? I'm not interested in the options they are offering for MSN online and would rather apply for that to another people do this? Is there any penalty for withdrawing with just the BSN?
    Thanks so much!
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    Hi Emily,
    Yes it is possible to just do the BSN portion. It's the first 15 months of the program Best of luck applying!

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    Hey everyone, I just applied to this program to start this fall 2013 cycle. I am currently in the process of almost completing all my prerequisites and finally completed the application. I am a male so my friend shave been battering me on this new path as usual. My overall GPA was a 3.3 and Pre Req GPA is a 3.6. I have been volunteering at Dana Farber for several months now. Three pretty good recommendations from my research assistant job as a psychiatric specialist, advisor and dana farber. I was wondering if everyone could elaborate on what they applied with and if i have a chance.

    Thank You,
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    What is your monday through friday time requirements on campuses
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    Yes, I would be very interested to know how often one needs to be at the Burlington there a convenient public transport way for that if you're in Boston?

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