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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

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    Adamamber1- I received my acceptance today!
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    cm401, thats great!! Congrats...did they call you or send a letter? Now Im really dying
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    Thank you adamamber1! I received a call. I'm sure you'll hear back soon. Maybe the person that interviewed you is just taking longer to get back to admissions.
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    CM401-Maybe she is taking a bit longer...I'm just so nervous that my living out of state will make them uncomfortable. I know they prefer people to live semi close. Ok, I really need to stop thinking about all the different scenarios and just wait...thanks for letting me know how it went.
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    congrats CM401. I' am starting in the fall as well. Did they already give you the dates for orientation and prep day.
    Aug 3 and Aug 27

    Admamaber I' am keeping my fingers crossed for you :-)
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    Adamamber1- Keep us posted! ltcwall- thank you! Yes I was given those 2 dates. Have you completed your application for financial aid? I just received my Bachelors so I have those loans to pay off . Do you know if the school offers much in scholarships?
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    Yes I completed my app for financial aid but I haven't heard anything yet? My admissions rep said i should hear late june or early july. I looked on there website they have a few scholarships. Yea I'm a little nervous about taking out anymore loans . Are you from Boston ?
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    I'm from Providence. How about you? I've been looking at some loan repayment and health service corps programs. You should look into those.
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    Im from Boston are you moving here or are you going to commute Humm that is a great idea I will look into that thanks for th tip :-)
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    You're welcome. I plan to commute. I hope the drive isn't too bad.
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    did they give you any idea what day lab or clincial would be on ?
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    I heard lab would be on thursdays most likely (in boston) and then maybe a few times a month testing at the burlington site on fridays..Clinicals will vary and you will work out your own schedule with your preceptor..At least that is what I was told...If accepted, I plan to try to do clinicals on lab days so I can make the most of my trip there. I still havent heard anything so continue keeping your fingers crossed. Glad to see that they dont care about commuting as cm401 is from RI, which is comparable to my Maine address.
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    I hope that is how it works. so we would only go to Burlington for testing got it. Yea I would want to do mine all on the same day as well to get it over with. Yea if she is coming from providence it shouldn't make a difference if your coming from Maine. Have you applied to any other schools?