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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   Cm401
    Hey adamamber1! How soon after completing the application did you receive the invite for an interview? I sent everything in last week, so now I'm just waiting.
  2. by   ltcwall
    Hi adamember not everyone gets selected for an interview. The interview was very informal. I think it is important to emphasize that you are a self starter since this is an online program. Basically sell yourself and whatever you don't act you want to be In nursing for the money:-)
  3. by   adamamber1
    Thanks guys, I submitted my app last week and heard back within 3 days for an interview. They said they were scheduling them for Tuesday and Thursday of next week. I definitely can sell myself as a self starter because I have completed mostly online classes for the last few years since I had my children. I am worried that the fact that I live in Maine and have young children will make them nervous that I am not able to dedicate myself. I know I can do it and am usually pretty good at interviews, but I am so nervous for this one. I don't have many other options since I live in a rural area and direct entry programs are limited around here. I can't relocate because I have a young family. Does anyone know the ratio's I am up against? How many people apply to this program (I know it's new) and how many are they selecting for the Fall?
  4. by   hellosun
    Hi everyone! I'm hoping to apply to this program for next fall '13. Has anyone actually started it yet? If so, please let me know how it's going! This program would be great for me since I will be commuting from about 40 minutes away to labs and clinicals, but since the classes will be online I won't be commuting nearly as much! I also am looking to be a neonatal NP and as of right now that is apparently one of the only options available for the MS portion of the hybrid program.

    Would anyone who was accepted mind telling me if a GPA of 3.62 and experience shadowing nurses, working in veterinary hospitals and doing a little volunteering in a nursing home and elsewhere would have a good chance of getting me in?

  5. by   Cm401
    Adamamber1, how did your interview go? I was called (finally!), and my interview is tomorrow. It's over the phone. I'm trying to prepare what I'd really like to say and ask so that there aren't too many awkward pauses. Hopefully all goes well and we both get in!
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  6. by   ltcwall
    I start in the fall.. I think you have a really good chance. They like to see that you have volunterr experience
  7. by   adamamber1
    cm401---The interview was very informal and alot faster than I thought it would be. I dont know if it had to do with the fact that the interviewer wasn't feeling well, if I didn't strike her fancy, or if that's how they do it...I think I did well. She basically asked about why I wanted to be a nurse, what my supports were for getting through an intense program, and how I saw myself in the field. Nothing unexpected or surprising. Hope all goes well and let me know how it goes...

    Itcwall-how long after you interviewed did you hear back? Did you get an email, call, letter? They said it wouldnt take long, 1-2 weeks at most.. Im dying until then.
  8. by   ltcwall
    Adamember- I received a call within a week of my interview
  9. by   adamamber1
    itcwall-that was quick..hope I hear back just as was your interview? was it fairly fast and simple like mine? I'm sure everyone's is different, but I'm worried that mine was too fast and I didn't get a chance to discuss everything I had prepared to discuss.

    cm401-How did it go?
  10. by   Cm401
    Adamamber1- my interview was quick too, about 15 minutes. I was asked why nursing, northeastern and a couple of similar questions. Then I was given some scenarios, which sort of threw me off. I just hope we hear a decision soon because the wait is killing me!
  11. by   ltcwall
    adamaber1- interview I would say my interview was about 20 minutes not that long either. I wasn't given any scenarios, basically I did all the talking .
  12. by   hellosun
    Thanks Itcwall! I actually met up with an admissions advisor for this program the other day and I learned so much about it. The flexibility of the online classes would be great for someone who has to commute like me. I think this is going to be my first choice! I'm really excited to hear what you all have to say about it once you start =)
  13. by   adamamber1
    cm401--any word yet? It's been a week today and nothing so far..Im going crazy....they said it could be up to 2 weeks..I was hoping for 1

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