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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   kristenk64
    For those of you starting in January, why do we have to wait to register/order books for Nursing with women and families? Also, has anyone ordered their supply pack yet?
  2. by   mtngal77
    Thanks. Just found this information out. Too bad... Not going to work for me.
  3. by   Cm401
    Hi Kristenk64,
    Congrats on your acceptance! My biggest advice would be to keep up with your assignments, or even ahead if you can. This program is very fast paced. Even though the lectures are online you will be meeting at least three times a week (lab, clinical, and exams). Also, try to find a study buddy, and yes payless shoes are fine as long as they're all white and comfortable because you will be on your feet all day during clinical.
  4. by   rn2b 2012
    I just had a few questions:

    1. What is your mon-Sunday schedule like [ie how many days and hours on campus/hour many hours for clinical]

    2. how many tests do you have in one day at most [i know they are on campus]?

    3. your overall honest impression ?

    4. how many hours per week do you devote to the coursework?
  5. by   rn2b 2012
    i tried scrolling back to see those answers but I couldn't find them....
  6. by   rn2b 2012
    Do they help you with job placement? What are the NCLEX style exam questions like, are they harder than normal?
  7. by   Dstewart1017
    Thought I might bump this because for those with questions about the hybrid program going back in this thread helps a ton!
  8. by   kmurph24816
    Does anyone know if you can defer to the following semester if you are accepted?
  9. by   GrenIedGal
    Noticed on NE website that they are no longer accepting applicants into the Hybrid option. What happened?!