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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for this program, but they do for... Read More

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    One of the financial aid advisors spoke to us and we were told that during the first 4 semesters, the RN portion, financial aid is awarded as if we're 5th year undergrads. So, we do not qualify for the graduate aid yet. (by the way- Lab so far is set to take place on the Boston campus 3 hours every Saturday,testing will be on Wednesdays in Burlington, and clinical will be one day M,T, or TH.)
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    Thanks for the info, it helps in making my decision. The schedule for labs and clinicals work great for me. I'm really hoping I can pull this together to make it work.
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    Labs are in Boston? For some reason I assumed they'd be in Burlington. I'm looking at the program for next year- any other interesting things learned at orientation?
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    Celticsgirl17- if you'll have everything completed on time, there's another cohort starting in January. Yes, labs will be in Boston on Saturdays, well at least for our cohort. 3 classes during the RN portion are at the grad level, so you'll need to earn a B or better. The rest are undergrad courses so you'll need to get a C or better.
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    Congrats adamamber 1. Are you going to orientation on the 27.

    CM401 do you remember the possible sites they said we might do clinicals at I only remember Beth Isareal and Cambridge alliance
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    Itcwall-The only other one I remember is Brigham and women's.
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    Ok that's what I thought. Are you excited to start
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    Yes, I'm very excited! How about you? I know the program is new so hopefully all of the details are figured out soon. Are you continuing to the masters program?
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    I'm so excited. I wish they already had our schedules ready. What lab would you prefer. I prefer 9-12
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    I would prefer the earliest lab and 1-7 clinical.

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