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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   bigeyes4
    I was initially rejected by NEU for the online MSN direct entry program. About three months later, I got an email to call the admissions representative. I called and they told me that the Dean has overturned my application decision. I am now accepted. I live in Rhode Island and can begin at Community College of RI. I'm sensing from your posts that the NEU program is a better one. I know that the lab has to be better. Ours is quite make-shift. I'm tempted to take the leap, but like many of you, I am having trouble getting the financing in place. I am accepted for Spring 2013 and have to take four more prereqs. But I don't mind that. They are nutrition, Chemistry, Developmental Psych and statistics. I would take those in RI and then dive in in January 2013. It really is exciting! Any comments are welcome!
  2. by   ltcwall
    OMG are you kidding Bigeyes4 that is great congrats. It is hard finding financing I had to apply to 5 different loans.
  3. by   adamamber1
    I did it, I sent in my acceptance!!! I have never been more excited and terrified at the same time. Itcwall or CM401, where did you find the list of books we need to buy? Is there someone in particular from staff that you speak to in regards to registration for classes or any questions you have? I haven't received a ton of info yet so I am trying to piece things together quickly. When you were sized for uniforms at orientation, did you think the size recommended for purchase was comprable to what you would purchase normally (do they run big or small)? I have to purchase without being sized so I am not sure what to expect.
  4. by   bigeyes4
    Hi all - Tonight my husband and I have the pros and cons conversation of Community College of RI vs. NEU Direct Entry Online program. There are attractive attributes of both options. It's easy to go back to something you already know like CCRI (COmmunity College of Rhode Island) but the draw of the NEW program is strong. More education in less time. Probably better professors and better labs. Last but not least is the online didactic portion. I thrive on Distance Learning. I am disciplined and do well with this sort of course. ok I will let you know tomorrow the ultimate answer. !!!
  5. by   ltcwall
    Adamember they registrar you for your classes. The uniforms run a little small I guess it would depend on how you would want your uniform to fit loose or tight. I would email the admissions coordinator for the booklist and clinical clearance. Also I would start working on the financial aid part ASAP bc it can be time consuming.
  6. by   ltcwall
    Bigeyes4 sounds like you may be leaning towards NEU:-)
  7. by   stefaniemary4
    Clinicals were amazing! We just finished our first one and I was at Winchester Hospital in the materniy wing doing L&D, Special Care Nursery and Well-baby Nursery/Postpartum care. My first day I helped to deliver a baby! Our preceptor was great. We started clinicals in the 3rd week... and I'm so glad we did! It helps supplement all the book work.
  8. by   stefaniemary4
    The books are given to you at orientation of before by the academic advisor
    You are automatically enrolled in classes each semester. First semster is 16-20 credits depending on if you need to take the research course.
    Scrubs always run big. I'm a size 7/8 in jeans and small tops (size 2-4 in dresses)--- all my scrubs are smalls. Most websites will give you their sizing charts

    Online learning is great for me because I'm very self-motivated and do much better not having to sit in a classroom.
    the skills labs are amazing. They have multiple thousand dollar sim mans... ie life size manikens that simulate everything from crying to Labor and Delivery! The labs are all hands on and you have plenty of time to practice the skills.. The lab is even being expanded. This is by far the BEST skills lab in the area!
  9. by   ltcwall
    I'm reading a lot of mixed reviews about studying some say read the whole book or take good notes and study that material. What works for you? I also went and brought the NANDA book you suggested
  10. by   adamamber1
    Hi Stefaniemary4, thanks for all the great info. Can you clarify the "if you need to take the research class" comment. Are they accepting transfer credits from classes taken that are similar? Thanks so much!
  11. by   bigeyes4
    wow - helped deliver a baby!!!! I would love to do that! omg I am so torn. It is cheaper and more convenient to go to CCRI which is closer to where I live, but I think the training is as good as I would get at NEU. The needle has just swung a little closer to NEU, however. I will let you know! exciting exciting!!!!!!!! Can anyone tell me what happens in orientation? I will be taking the remaining four prerequisties this semester and have been given a conditional acceptance upon successful completion of the prereqs. So January 2013 before classes start, I assume that there is an orientation? Any information you all can give me would be great!!!!! Thank you very much!
  12. by   bigeyes4
    just one more question - is the NANDA book the one called "Nursing Diagnosis Handbook" by Betty J. Ackley and Gail B. Ladwig? published by Evolve ninth edition, Mosby/Elsevier. ?
  13. by   cc1031
    Hello Everyone!

    I was accepted into the fall cohort today and I am very excited to get started! One thing I wanted to know if anyone knew, at the end of the first 16 months do we earn an actual BSN or do we just sit for the NCLEX and continue on to the masters portion? The reason I ask is because I have seen other programs who do it this way and I would like to know that we are actually earning a BSN. Thank you all! Look forward to hearing from you/meeting you!!