MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

  1. I was cruising the hospital websites as I do everyday as a new grad and came across this:

    The Department of Nursing at Massachusetts General Hospital is running a New Graduate RN ICU Residency Program for six months from April 2011 to September 2011. RN residents will be hired and trained to work successfully in an intensive care setting.

    Qualified applicants MUST have:
    - a Baccalaureate of Science Degree in Nursing
    - a current MA RN license
    - less than 10 months of professional RN experience in a healthcare setting
    - completed a clinical practicum in an ICU or experience in a patient assistive role in an ICU.

    RN Residents will be eligible for benefits and paid a salary of $11.44 per hour. The schedule will be 40 hours per week with five 8-hour shifts. Day/Night rotation with weekends and holidays required.

    11.44 an hour? They can't be serious...can they? They pay their CNAs more!
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  3. by   Selene006
    I happened to be viewing that site last week and saw the same thing! At first I thought that it was a typo! As a BSN student who will be graduating in May of this year, I find it to be so insulting to be offered that rate of pay after racking up all of that debt in student loans! I understand that MGH has a great reputation with cutting edge technology and great possibilities to advance, but I would be homeless at the end of the 6 month long internship!
  4. by   sbostonRN
    I talked about this program with one of the nurse managers at MGH. They are definitely filling spots, so there is still a lot of demand for the program. I don't think it's right to "take advantage" of desperate new grads, but the hospital is really benefitting from this program. And really, probably all of the people who finish the internship will get hired at the end, so I think it would be worth it as a way in to MGH. I think I'd rather have an intership making a low salary than be jobless making no money at all, wouldn't you?
  5. by   DisneybearRN
    It makes no sense that a BSN nurse would be offered such a low wage for training, and there is no guarantee that they would get a job. It cheapens the whole profession and in my opinion is outrageous. CNA's make more than this without experience. It is great for MGH, but I really think it is sending a really bad message regarding education and the nursing profession. Slave labor for a chance at a good job. Totally ridiculous in my opinion.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Well, at least they aren't requiring that the applicant pay for their training or work for nothing. I do agree that this is insulting though. They could pay at the bottom of the RN new grad scale and garner some respect for the program.
  7. by   llg
    Hmmm.... interesting development. That compensation seems way too low.

    But it doesn't surprise me to see hospitals not wanting to pay "full price" for new grads who want special role transition programs. Those programs are expensive for the hospitals to run. I suspect we will start seeing many more hospitals either offering only a "training wage" for such programs -- or requiring signed contracts with "pay back provisions" to recoup their educational costs if the new grad leaves before working a certain number of hours.

    The big question is: How much is too much? How low is too low? That sounds too low to me.
  8. by   DisneybearRN
    It is the companies responsibility to train the workers it needs. What is sad is that people will actually do this. It is totally ridiculous compared to the salaries for all jobs around the area. Definitely does not encourage people to enter nursing, but again, the wage is outrageous!
  9. by   Rookie12
    I'm so glad i'm not the only one who is outraged by this! when I got the email saying what a great opportunity, my heart about stopped when I saw the salary. I agree it is a great opportunity but I think it's so wrong to take advantage of the horrible market/economy right now. New grad programs may be expensive, but they benefit the hospital in the end. Thats why they are small and competitive to attract and retain the best candidates!! And the worst part is, you aren't guaranteed a job at the end of the 6 months!! you will be "poised to transition to a Staff RN role" I don't know about you guys but that sure sounds fishy to me! I am grateful I got into another new grad program or else I would have convinced myself this was worth it...I'm sure I am little jaded here and I hope it works out for all who get accepted, but I just don't think it's right!
  10. by   caliotter3
    Well, I am poised right now and I'm not paid $11.44 an hour although I am paid a low wage.
  11. by   sbostonRN
    I'm in no way defending the program, and I don't even think we could survive on those wages, but I imagine it's similar to the ratio of medical residents:attending physicians. Residents are paid roughly 1/3 of the starting salary of an attending. New grad "nurse resident" being paid 1/3 of the starting salary for a nurse at MGH?

    I do agree with disneybear that it cheapens the profession. It's sad because there aren't many new grad programs in this area. Lucky me will be getting an ASN so I won't even qualify for this program!
  12. by   CCL RN
    Quote from disneybear
    It is the companies responsibility to train the workers it needs.!
    No it isn't. not at all.

    Sure, you could make more money at starbucks or a nursing home, but you also won't be getting that precious nursing training, and ICU to boot!

    The wage is low for sure. I bet they fill every spot.
  13. by   DisneybearRN
    I disagree. It is their responsibility if they want you for the job. They are not training you to be a nurse, you are already a nurse. The applicant is a licensed professional and will be working a 40 hour week with rotating shifts(bad for your health), every other weekend and holidays. It is not out of the kindness of their heart that they are doing this. You will be working with your license on the line and being paid less than the CVA that is working beside you, yet you have way more responsibility and again risk losing your license with not even a permanent job after 6 months. You should be paid as an entry level nurse because that is what you are. Why should you make less than any other entry level nurse in the area, or probably in the United States for that matter. I thought MGH was a union hospital. If so, they are failing their members. Not to mention how are they gonna pay their union dues on that wage? No, I am sorry, this brings back nursing to the days of handmaidens to the physician. Now you are slave labor to the great big corporation and are thankful for it. No thank you. The fact that some people on here think that this is reasonable makes me question if nursing will ever gain the respect it deserves. We need to stand strong and realize the outrageousness of this. Praying on new grads anxiousness to start a career in a bad economy is not acceptable and completely demeaning. It is completely economically driven and nothing else. I am a new grad nurse without a job, but I will never practice nursing if I am not respected. There are hundreds of jobs in other companies that would appreciate my services and pay me a decent wage commiserate with my education. I left one to pursue nursing. If this is the trend in nursing, I question my decision. Respect yourself and stand strong!
  14. by   sbostonRN
    MGH is not a union hospital.

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