Join union. Pay dues. Or termination.

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    I'm being led to believe that I have no choice but to join my workplace union. True or false?

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    That's how it works where I am. If you apply for a job in a unionized workplace you join the union. Is this a new position?
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    It is a unionized workplace. Not sure about the question, "is this a new position?" I'm at a new facility. New employee. And my knowledge is very limited on understanding unions. And side note, the dues totalling for the year just seem so high.
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    Did you know it was a union position?
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    I did not. I learned this during my orientation. So the news is recent.
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    I don't think that there is anything you can do about it.
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    Ok. No problem. Was just curious as to whether or not this was true information. Just never heard of not having an option or choice. Well thank you for your time and answering my question.
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    Join the Union....they offer protection.
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    Quote from apostolic4eva
    I did not. I learned this during my orientation. So the news is recent.
    How did you not know? Did you sign a contract?
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    A rep came and spoke with us during the orientation. And this is when everything was explained. And when I learned of this "union." I'm new to all this. Perhaps it could of been failure on my part for not fully researching the Hospital prior to applying. Anyhow, I have no issues in joining but just wanted clarification if this was legal.

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