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Hi y'all I'm taking the test this upcoming saturday (the 1st entrance test) at Greater Lowell and I will like some advices/opinions/essays topics of those who took it already....I'm just scared about... Read More

  1. by   nakiwala
    everything went really good ... he basically just tells you about the whole program...tuition and other costs... asked me one question... why do you want to go this program?..... basically its him doing all the talking and you are free to ask questions take all your stuff that he asked for. pretty easy,
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  2. by   Maddiex13
    Glad to hear that it went well. I told you it was no sweat. LOL. It was nothing to worry about at all. Let us know once you know!!
  3. by   nakiwala
    will sure do,,,, awaiting that letter,,,, kinda anxious,,,, just want it like yesterday,,,,, ,,,hmmmm
  4. by   Hurryupandwork123
    Hey everyone!!

    I got the acceptance letter for the day division today in the mail!!!!! I hope to see you all soon!!! And nakiwala I hope there is good news for you too in the mail soon.
  5. by   nakiwala
    OMG,,, good for you honie,,, I keep waiting everyday and nothing I think am gonna have to give them a call ,,,, congratulations girl,,,, wooooooooow you must be so happy.
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  6. by   Hurryupandwork123
    Thank you so much Nakiwala!!!!

    You should be getting your letter soon I think for sure. And I am a I didn't know my gender on my page said female i didn't even know we had that option to tell our gender. That is so Funny!!!! I learn new things everyday.
  7. by   nakiwala
    hahahahah so funny about the gender thing,,, just thought you would be gal,,, guess I thought not so rite,,,,,, ok good for you boy hahahahah cant stop laughing
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  8. by   Hurryupandwork123
    you can still call me a girl I dont mind hahahahaha
  9. by   Maddiex13
    LOL. I had no idea @Hurryup&work that you were a male. I guess I just assumed you were a female. IDK why!! LOL. Sorry. But Congrats again cant wait to meet ya! and @nakiwala just give them a call they told me over the phone because I waited like a month before hearing anything and got wicked anxious LOL. wish you luck.
  10. by   nakiwala
    hey guys
    emailed them and told that they are running a week behind schedule,,that letters will be out today or Monday. so still anxious ,,
  11. by   Maddiex13
    Ohh. You should have asked them to tell you right then and there!!!!! LOL. I asked over the phone because I was super anxious but mine took a lot longer. They were like a month and some behind with my letter. I ended up knowing a week or two before I even received the thing! Let me tell you by then I would've been bald from all the anxiety and anticipation! Ha. Well wish you luck. My fingers are crossed for you. Let us know once you receive it.
  12. by   nakiwala
    ooooohhhhh honeys u don't how its killing me
    ,,,, if it doesn't come this week am calling them,,,, let me just be alittle patient,,, thanks for the support. readg ur story gives alittle bit of comfort ,,, like they didn't forget all about me.
  13. by   nakiwala
    not so good news for me,,, was put on the waiting list,, I feel so down but nothing much I can really do about it. plan B , am gonna try to apply for masters in nursing,,, direct entry coz I have a bachelors but from a different country. so honeys am happy for all of u who got it , I will keep visiting this blog so you can let me know how things r going, wish you all the best. cheers

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