Im so freak out about the entrance exam at Greater Lowell Tech !!! - page 5

Hi y'all I'm taking the test this upcoming saturday (the 1st entrance test) at Greater Lowell and I will like some advices/opinions/essays topics of those who took it already....I'm just scared about the essay because I have no... Read More

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    Hey Maddiex13,

    I am applying for days. And thanks for the info!!!!! I will def. try my best to keep everyone updated. And if I have any questions I will def. ask. Thank you so much!!!!!
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    Well then we may all see eachother once the program begins. I will be waiting to hear from you! Best of luck!
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    Hey everyone,

    It's been very quiet here lately. I didn't pass the first time in February due to my essay. But I took it again in March and I just wanted to say I finally passed the teas and the essay part and trying to gather my 2 other references. And after I will set an interview.
    Wish me luck!!!!!
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    congrats and good luck on your interview... did you go for the interview yet , i have one scheduled April, am freaking out... don't really know what to expect,,English is my second language so sometimes this kinda affects my confidence... please help out .....
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    @Hurryupandwork Congratz on passing! That test was not easy and under the pressure I felt like I crumbled on the entire thing. I am so thankful I passed the first time but it was not easy at all!!! At least you passed on your second shot. Keep us updated on what happens. Maybe we all can get together as study buddies Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @hurryupandwork en @maddiex13,,,,hi guys, any heads up on the interview,,,are there any freaking questions. please help. thank you.
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    Hey nakiwala,

    I didn't go for the interview yet I plan on calling on the soon because the letter said he would be out for a week. I didn't want to call for an interview unless I had all my references and all with me.

    Sorry I couldn't help
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    @nakiwala i wrote about the interview in the other thread I posted. He doesn't ask you really any questions. It is not like a job interview at all lol. It is just him giving you information about the program and getting all the things that they asked you to bring with you that day. You should go prepared with everything (letters of recommendation, transcripts (if you have any), diploma from high school, personal statement, etc.) and any questions you have. It is absolutely nothing to worry about though. The test I think was the worst part aside from the wait for the letter of acceptance LOL.
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    @maddiex13 oooooh thank u so much ,,, going this Wednesday,,, have almost everything just need luck, i really wanna get in this year ,,,, thanx again hope to meet you when we start school.
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    @nakiwala Best of Luck. You will do great!!!! Hope to meet you soon too.
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