Greater Lowell Tech LPN Program 2013

  1. I just wanted to start a thread for people who have been accepted into the LPN program at Greater Lowell Tech 2013. I have been accepted into the day program and just wanted to have a place for anyone else that has been accepted to come and have a place to chat about things.
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  3. by   Hurryupandwork123
    Hey Maddiex13,

    I was wondering for the interview was he strict with the reference letter being on letterhead? Letter head doesn't have to have the company logo and such right? It just has to have the name of the company and the address at the beginning of the letter?

    Thank you
  4. by   vitiana
    It's pretty simple. What ever your reference (employer or professor) gives to you, they will take it. The letter is not from you, as long as they have a reference its cool. They don't read in front of you tho' and they won't call you back for it. As long as you pass the teas test , for me , you are IN...Im in since december for the day program #ImMadHappy @Maddiex13: i have started my countdown lol
  5. by   nakiwala
    hi,,, thank you so much for this heads up,,, just passed my teas and the interview is early April... just wanted to ask,,, how is the interview like ,,what should i expect,, English is not my 1st language ,, so i really did alot of preparation,,, thanx
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  6. by   Maddiex13
    Congratz on passing the test, the worst is now behind you! LOL! The interview was just him giving you information and gathering all the documents they require. The letters of recommendation should be on business letterhead (at least that is what it states in the brochure) and that is what I provided. Every business is different so it may not have a logo but I am sure if it has the company name and address that should be sufficient. I am not sure if you are already in just because you get the interview but all I can say is go prepared with all the things that they asked for and with any questions you have. He is wicked nice and doesn't ask many questions. He briefly looked over my transcripts and letters of recommendation and then went on to filling me in, on all of the things that I would need to know about financials and the courses we will be taking. It is more to get info and for him to get a feel for who you are. My interview was not long at all, about 30 mins. One thing he did say was he does not make the final decision, the director of the program reads through everything and then decides.

    I waited about a month to get my letter of acceptance after the interview. But it is nothing to stress over at all!!! Good luck. Please let us know how you did. Vitiana and I have both been accepted and we are already looking for some study buddies LOL!!

    @Vitiana - It is actually starting to feel surreal. I can't believe in a few short months we will be NURSING STUDENTS!!! Ahh!! Super Excited!!!
  7. by   nakiwala
    interview went as you said ,, hoping I get the day shift because he said that places are filling up so fast,,, waiting,,, letter will be out end of April.....cant stop praying for the would be nice if I can get study buddies becasue ,,, its very intense I heard
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  8. by   Maddiex13
    Yeah I have heard the same. I expect it to be intense though its only 10 months to learn all that we need to know to get licensed. AHH. So nerve racking! Lol. I wish you the veryyy best. I applied really early and took the test in December just because I knew spots would fill quickly. I hope you get in. Keep us updated.
  9. by   Hurryupandwork123
    Hey everyone!!!!!!,

    I wanted to let everyone I got the acceptance letter for the day division today in the mail!!!!! I am so happy!!!! I hope to see you all soon!!!!!
  10. by   Hurryupandwork123
    Hey Maddiex13,

    I received your message and tried to message you back but I can't due to me not having submitted 15 responses i think?

    And I don't have a facebook too sorry, I totally stopped using social media sites like that ever since myspace. lol

  11. by   kayyyyyd.
    Congrats to all who were accepted in this years LPN program. See you in August [:
    Anyone have any luck with book ordering ? Very expensive !!
  12. by   LisaMarie34
    How is everyone doing in the program so far? I am in the evening division. All of the tests are stressing me out but I have done pretty well on all of them so far. I can't wait to really start clinical. I don't have that feeling yet that anything is "flying" by lol....I can't wait until this semester is over and we have more clinical time then classroom time
  13. by   bluemoon23
    do u know how the essay work u have to pick ur topic or they give a topic. do u need prerequisite
  14. by   bluemoon23
    Can u tell me what essay they ask