Could anyone help me to find a good school for becoming LPN in Boston, please?

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    Hi LPN, I am not a LPN, but I would like to be one, where did you get your preparation? I am at Boston, Please help me with info. Congrats, you make world better.

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    Could anyone help me to find a good school for becoming LPN in Boston, please?
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    i'm unsure how it's done in massachussetts but here in ca we have a list of lvn schools found directly on the bvnpt website. you may want to start your search there nursing - health and human services good luck
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    there are a lotta schools in MA for LPN like Diman regional in Fall river, blue hills regional technical school in canton ma, medical professional institute in malden ma southeastern tech institute in easton ma... u can get more info by just googling MA LPN programs.
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    Neither of the two I've been really looking into are directly in Boston, but right outside the Boston city area, yes.
    They would be very close & convenient enough for someone in the city to commute to, IMO.

    I do know Roxbury Community College has an LPN program if you're looking for something right around the inner city.

    I've been strongly thinking of going with MPI. Pretty adamant about it actually...

    BUT, considering I may not be able to make it in time for the start of their next program, I was just searching around for some alternatives & discovered NSCC has a wonderful 40 week PN program... (Also opposed to the 45 at MPI, with a supposedly top notch, very well-rounded program)

    All admissions requirements must be submitted by early June, and then they accept 40 applicants to start in the Fall.
    I didn't like some of the requirements of their RN program, so personally, I'd advance to that through EC & distance learning.

    Good Luck!
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    hey thanks for posting that i didn't know that NSCC had a PN program i'll def be checking that out and MPI has a PN program in January if u were interested i have an appt with them today im gonna find out what they have to say.
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    The quickest and cheapest LPN program around is the program run by the state of massachusetts at the Chelsea Soldier's Home. Its around $2,500 for the 9 month program but you have to agree to work in any state facility for one year after graduation, otherwise you'll have to pay the additional $8,000 - $10,000. its a pretty good deal because they help you to get a job as well. They only take around 35 students year. Good luck!
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    Hey thanks for posting that i didn't even know about that chealsea soldire's home LPN program i just called them and wanted to share with you guys the lady told me that the school is closed because they have no funding she said i could call back in July and find out but she's not sure if they would have funding soo let's keep our fingers crossed!!
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    Hi all, I have been looking into the mpi lpn program, and have a few questions. What is the test they give and I guess you have to answer two essay questions? I know they give the teas after you pass that test. Im hoping to start the in the Jan 3rd class. Any info would be great. Thanks

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