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Best Schools for Pre-Reqs?

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    I'm trying to bang out my pre-reqs to apply for Fall 2015 enrollment to some direct-entry NP programs. I am currently taking my A&P 1 at Mass Bay in Wellesley. I'm less than impressed with the course so far. I need to finish A & P 2, Microbiology with lab, and a nutrition course. I might stick with the same prof at Mass Bay for A & P 2 but maybe not. Does anyone have any thoughts on Middlesex or Bunker Hill? Or any other recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hey, I'm also in AP 1 at massbay wellesley. Are you in the Saturday course? I'm also really disappointed in it. I was looking forward to AP actually, and now not so much. I took a 2 week intercession nutrition course at massasoit and loved it.
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    QC has a cheap but quality A&P and Micro program.
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    A friend at Quincy College is taking pre-reqs there and loves it. Courses at Bunker Hill (from my experience) will not prepare you enough for nursing school. I've had to re-teach myself a lot of A&P along the way. I took all my pre-reqs at bhcc, it was cheap but I didn't learn as much as I would have liked to.
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    Frugalette, I'm in the Sunday A&P class. I'll look into Quincy College for sure. I know a few people who did med and nursing school pre-reqs at Merrimack as well and they weren't disappointed. I guess either way I'm in for a drive, but i'd rather have a good course than the waste of time and money that Mass Bay is proving to be. Thanks a bunch!
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    That is so surprising. Ive heard such great things about the Sunday class, with *.*..? If it's him, students totally rave that he's a great professor. I'm really unhappy with the course so far, it's not being "taught" at all. No power points, no teaching, totally self taught and just exams, no homework or anything. Good luck! I'm looking into NP and ABSN programs right now.
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    I took my classes at Quincy College and loved it. I think it depends more so on the instructor than the school. Try using ratemyprofessors (dot) com. If you're looking at Quincy College, I highly recommend taking classes with Trespalacios or Menard.