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Is there anyone out there applying to the direct entry MSN program at Simmons? I will be attending the program beginning this summer (2012). I went to Simmons for my undergrad, so I've been living in Boston for 6 years and am... Read More

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    Quote from ala87
    Hi de2013,

    Thank you for all of your helpful posts so far! I wanted to ask you if you had any tips about loans, etc. I don't have enough posts to PM you but any advice regarding your experience with loans and the whole financial process would be greatly appreciated! I've received my financial award letter from Simmons and right now it's a little overwhelming as I don't wish to be head under water in debt by the time I graduate.

    You can email me at sdmurray02 at and I can try to help with questions.

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    Saw this old thread, and wanted to weigh in as current Simmons Direct-Entry student (currently in the NP portion part-time): I am a little bummed that Simmons doesn't offer the BSN on the way, but it hasn't stopped me much. I passed the NCLEX at the end of January and got a substitute school nursing job less than a month later; now I've just started a full-time school nurse job through 2014 in the city. I love community nursing, so my focus wasn't on getting a med-surg job; however, I do have three friends in the program with me (all now going part-time) who applied for and got hospital med-surg jobs outside the city.

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