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HI everyone, Im sure this question has been asked MILLIONS of times, but i couldnt find my answer, so im wondering if you could help me out! Im originally from mass, but moved to FL with my husband when he joined the navy. now... Read More

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    21$/hour?!?! What are they paying their LPNs and CNAs?? OMG. :uhoh21:

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    I am a new grad LPN and am working at an ALF and started at 24.00/hr. I live in MA and work in RI, with differentials I'm making 25.50, I'm back in school working on prereqs to get my RN ASN.
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    I just got offered 26/h at a LTC facility, plus shift differentials. I was previously offered 28.50 at a rural hospital, but that job didn't pan out. I am going to HR at another hospital tomorrow to find out how much they will offer me- it is a state facility and I hear they do not pay well, so I am interested to find out. I am a new ASN grad.

    I live in Western Mass.
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    This thread is depressing to me. I knew I was getting paid crap but I didn't think it was THAT bad. I keep telling myself once I make it to a year or two I'll be able to leave and go make more money somewhere else. it's really too bad that the pay is so bad because I actually like the job!
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    I'm in an ADN program and currently work as an aide...I make $18/hr as an aide plus shift diff...on weekend evenings I make 22.50/hr, looks like I'm going straight to my advanced degree
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    Well in my opinion I think it is good for an aid to get paid well. They work very hard as well. I started in LTC/Sub Acute/Alzheimers. At the time I never made anything over $15 an hour, so I was satisfied on what I started with as a New Grad. Lastly, it was one of the best jobs I ever had.
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    I made $33/hour nights at an LTC as new grad. I think they paid about $5 less for days.
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    This is crazy to me! I work in pedi home health (nights) and make 33 or 34/hr. The problem is that to get experience I need to take a huge pay cut, at least initially, as my pay will never likely go up in home health as it would in the hospital setting.
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    Lots of skilled facilities on the South Shore are hiring. PM me if you want.

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