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ADN new grad... jobs/base pay? - page 2

HI everyone, Im sure this question has been asked MILLIONS of times, but i couldnt find my answer, so im wondering if you could help me out! Im originally from mass, but moved to FL with my... Read More

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    This thread is depressing to me. I knew I was getting paid crap but I didn't think it was THAT bad. I keep telling myself once I make it to a year or two I'll be able to leave and go make more money somewhere else. it's really too bad that the pay is so bad because I actually like the job!
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    I'm in an ADN program and currently work as an aide...I make $18/hr as an aide plus shift diff...on weekend evenings I make 22.50/hr, looks like I'm going straight to my advanced degree
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    Well in my opinion I think it is good for an aid to get paid well. They work very hard as well. I started in LTC/Sub Acute/Alzheimers. At the time I never made anything over $15 an hour, so I was satisfied on what I started with as a New Grad. Lastly, it was one of the best jobs I ever had.
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    I made $33/hour nights at an LTC as new grad. I think they paid about $5 less for days.
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    This is crazy to me! I work in pedi home health (nights) and make 33 or 34/hr. The problem is that to get experience I need to take a huge pay cut, at least initially, as my pay will never likely go up in home health as it would in the hospital setting.
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    Lots of skilled facilities on the South Shore are hiring. PM me if you want.

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